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Insight of trading in Cambridge


The city of Cambridge only flourished around the 10th century, with the increasing of trading within the city center. Cambridge Market Square is the heart of treading, it has been a market area since the medieval times especially because of its location by the river, which relates to the importation and exportation thought the River flowing into the sea at King Lynn, which in the Middle Ages was a large and important town.

Therefore, Cambridge benefited from good trade links across the hard-to-travel fenlands since the 6th century. At that time, local people and villagers from all around Cambridge came to the Market to trade their own goods, especially salt, fish from the sea, wine which was the drink of the upper class, reeds and rushes (once they were cheaper than candles), grains and bread; they were also using this square to gossip with each other and to see justice done. Once the Market was also the site of the jail and public whippings.


Market Square

Nowadays, this market has a more sophisticated vibe, but it remains the centre of trading for local organic products. With different stalls open every day, offering a diverse range of products since fresh fruit and vegetables, jewellery, clothes, books, pieces of vinyl, even second-hand bikes, plants, international food stall and bakeries.

In fact, mornings at the Market Square, start with the early arrival of vans and the clatter of traders setting up their stalls for a bright new day. Not even bad weather conditions can stop the traders, who are ready to start the day before the sun rises. That’s the moment when the quietness of the setting up is interrupted by the locals who start crossing the market. For instance, some pause in their rush to work to buy takeaway coffee or fresh natural juice. While others enjoy a delicious breakfast moment in a bakery stall. There are also the early risers who make an effort to be there early enough to get to pick the best products to use in their cooking. In other words, there are plenty of reasons to visit Cambridge Market.

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Time to pay a visit to Cambridge Market

With its brightly striped awnings the market, which is open seven days a week, attracts both local people and tourists. The stalls vary from day to day, as do the products. For example, on Monday you can buy fresh smoothies, while on Tuesday you will find an array of interesting some t-shirts and, who knows; on Wednesday there will be rows of second-hand books to broaden your mind. The juice stall may return on Thursday. Who knows? Some shoppers prefer this more random experience of ‘getting what life has to offer’. Yet, others in search of something specific like to check in advance what the market is offering before they venture out.

Besides, there are some concerns regarding the style and visual effect of the market. More specifically, how to hide the large bins and compressor machines located nearby. Although some people argue that these don’t suit the look or feel of the market. The truth is that this equipment is required but could be hidden, perhaps underground, or covered in an attractive way. In the other hand, concerns about covering up the market are also on the table. Even thou the market doesn’t stop working regardless of the weather, rain and snow damage the products and discourage people from shopping at the market.

Until some efficient decisions take place, we still appealed to everyone to visit the market and to try a variety of stalls. Supporting the local community, shopping local. And don’t worry if you haven’t visited yet, because this market is here to stay, and tomorrow the sun will rise again.

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