5 Facts Why Football is Popular

With the beginning of the 21st edition of the World Cup, Cambridge pubs are getting filled with England’s biggest football fans cheering for the teams they support to win the big games. Watching football in the pub with our favourite people around and our favourite drink in hand is probably the best part of the day.

What makes football popular?

      1. It Brings People Together

This is probably the best about it. Do you wanna come over and watch football? Yes! Do you wanna go to the pub and watch the game? Absolutely!




      2. It’s Available Everywhere

No matter if you watch it on the TV or online, or if you listen to it on the radio – the most important thing is to keep updated about the latest happenings.



      3. It’s Exciting

The 90-minute-game is never boring, especially, if top quality players are on the pitch; there is always something going on in the game each second – penalties, defending in the most professional ways and scoring goals with incredible techniques.



4. It’s Got History

Football’s got its own culture and history all around the world. Several countries love to remember their proudest moments achieved by legends they’ll never forget.


Bobby Moore lifting the Jules Rimet Trophy after England won the World Cup in 1966


   5. It Shows Team Work

The greatest kicks always happen in half of a second. Footballers don’t have time to hesitate, they need to completely concentrate on the game and fully understand each other’s littlest signs in the blink of an eye. That’s called real team work!


Giroud and Willock are training before a game against Southamton in May 2017


The Let’s Go Punting Team absolutely loves Football, and it is reflected on our Social Media Channels as well.

Check out these cool videos about Arsène Wenger punting with us and our team guessing who’s gonna win the World Cup in 2018!



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