Let's Go Punting Access Statement

Our ‘accessibility’ page aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our visitors. It does not include a personal opinion as to the suitability of this activity for any individual.


You can find our check-in and departure point on the boardwalk at the La Mimosa Landing Stage, just on the corner of Jesus Green. The meeting point is opposite to La Mimosa Restaurant (CB5 8AG).

The landing stage comprises of a non-slip surface, and there are five steps down to it from the wooden boardwalk.

Our location is 200m from the Quayside, and there is also a longer pavement route which you can use if conditions are not favourable on the boardwalk.

We aim to provide a year-round service where feasible within the constraints of our location. If you have any questions about accessibility, please phone us on 01223 651 659 or email us at info@letsgopunting.co.uk

Parking by car?
Park and Ride

The easiest way to visit Cambridge by car is by using one of the 5 Park and Ride sites surrounding the city. The site best for you will depend on where you are coming from. The buses from the park and ride all go to Drummer Street as indicated on the map above. From Drummer Street, there it is a 10 minute walk to our location. The Bus from the Madingley Park and Ride stops on Bridge street, which is a two-minute walk from our location. For more information on all of the Park and Ride sites, please click here: Park and Ride – Cambridge.

City Centre Parking

There are a number of multi story car parks in the city Centre. The closest one is Park Street, which is a short 5 minutes walk.

Please note that traffic can be extremely heavy in Cambridge city Centre, especially at the weekends. Please leave plenty of time to complete your journey to avoid arriving late.

There are also two-hour Pay and Display bays on Pound Hill and Chesterton Lane which are free after 5pm.
Arriving by train or bus?

Cambridge train station (Station Road CB1 2JW) is located south of the city centre. On arrival at the train station it is an (approximately) 30 minute walk to our departure point (CB5 8AG).


Alternatively all of the buses from the bus stop outside of Cambridge Station take you to Drummer Street. From here is an (approximately) 10 minute walk to our departure point.


To walk from the train station walk up Station Road to the end of the Road. Turn right up Hills Road, which will be come Regent street. Continue Straight at the large Crossroads.

As you pass John Lewis Drummer strret will be on your right. (If you have taken a bus to Drummer Street you can walk from this point).

Continue straight until you reach Lloyds bank in front of you. Take the left fork down Sidney Street (which becomes Bridge Street) and keep straight until you reach the Quayside and the River Cam. Walk accross the Quayside with the river on your left. Take the wooden boardwalk to the left of Las Igusanas and walk along this until you reach our departure point.


Arriving by coach?

The closest coach drop off is located on Chesterton Road outside the Arundel House Hotel (CB4 3AN).

Please note this is a coach drop not coach parking. (There is coach parking on the A603). From here take the metal footbridge accross the river and walk for approimxately 3 minutes with the river on your right to reach our location.

Our locations

Our check-in is opposite to La Mimosa Restaurant and our punts depart from Landing Stage, CB5 8AG.

There is access from the Quayside along a wooden boardwalk (200m) with non-slip covering and a handrail, and there is an alternative hard paved route via Thompsons Lane. You can also find us from Jesus Green along tarmac pathways.

Once at the Landing Stage, there are five steps with handrail down to the non slip firbeglass mesh. Whilst loading and unloading customers, we pin our boats to the landing stage at the front and the back.

You can use wheelchairs and mobility aids until you reach the top of the steps. Unfortunately, you can not take them onto the punts as we have not method with which to secure them, so you can store wheelchairs, mobility aids and pushchairs at our check in desk (left at your own risk).

If you require any further assistance, pelase do let our team know and we will be happy to help.

Our punting tours

We offer chauffeured (guided) tours with up to 12 passengers per punt. Our Tour Guides are trained to safely man the punt whilst providing a tour. During the tour, all passengers should keep their hands and feet inside the boat at all times.

The standard tours lasts approximately 50 minutes, but longer tours are available on request.

Tours take place outside on the river during daylight hours, except of the May Week Fireworks tours, and prearranged tours.

Seats are raised from the floor. There are foam-filled cushions and blankets on our punts. Extra blankets and umbrellas are available upon request.

Conditions permitting, we are open from 10am daily from April until September. Last tours leaves between 5pm and 8pm depending on sunlight hours and demand.

Between October and March, we operate from 10am until 3pm on weekends and selected weekdays, subject to weather and river conditions. Please check our website for further information at the time.

Public toilets

There are public toilets on Quayside and on Jesus Green (next to the lock) open 8:30am-8.00pm. Both have disabled access for visitors in wheelchairs and are a part of the RADAR key scheme.

There are no access to toilets whilst out on the river during your tour.

Additional information

Assistance dogs are welcome and water is available for them on request. Carers are eligible for the concessionary rate.


Our website uses dark text on a white background for ease of reading, and pages can be navigated using the keyboard. Our links hold descriptive names and headings have been used to structure content.

Future plans

We are planning additional training for staff on Disability Awareness.

Review our website – particularly the use of tables to ensure accessibility.

Contact information

Check-In Point
 – The Wooden Boardwalk – Outside the La Mimosa Restaurant, Corner of Jesus Green, Cambridge CB5 8AG

La Mimosa Landing Stage – Outside the La Mimosa Restaurant, Corner of Jesus Green, Cambridge CB5 8AG

Office Address- 30 Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1JY

www.letsgopunting.co.uk  01223 651 659

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