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Cambridge Tours is an audio App to enable our guests to easily access the punting tour commentary in several languages.

The tour is currently available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese to accompany your punting tour in Cambridge. More languages are coming soon.

The tour starts at the Quayside end of the river. If booking with Let’s Go Punting the app can be downloaded and used free of charge using a pin provided by us on the day of your tour.

Lets go punting Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge

During the tour, our customers will see seven historic riverside colleges and 9 bridges. Famous sights include The Bridge of Sighs, Kings College Chapel and New Court St Johns, for example. While punting along the river, the relevant section of audio will be available for playing, providing some interesting and fun information about the beautiful buildings.

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Punting is the Number 1 tourist activity in Cambridge and sits at the top of the list when asking: ‘What to do with your day out in Cambridge?’ Hence why thousands of visitors every year join us to enjoy the majesty of the River Cam on a chauffeured punt tour. At Lets Go Punting, we offer both private and shared punting tours of Cambridge and it’s riverside colleges. Of course, your tour comes complete with a chauffeur who will effortlessly glide you along the Cam, providing an informative and at the same time, interesting tour.

Lets go punting Cambridge

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Lets go punting Cambridge
Lets go punting Cambridge