Let’s Go Punting YouTube

Do you like wondering around Cambridge? Are you always up for a good laugh? Then subscribe to the Let’s Go Punting YouTube channel, where we regularly upload new vlogs!

What is our YouTube channel about?

We feature literally anything from seasonal walks in Cambridge ’till our most extreme moments, such as skydiving. You can find videos about great summer days by the River Cam, our staff partiescharity eventslive music on the riverChristmas eventsMay Ball Fireworks and other interesting stuff. Our guys on the river do love the cameras and they are pretty much used to us filming everything.

Why YouTube?

There are several reasons why YouTube is great. First of all, it’s inspirational, it motivates others and you can get to know different people as well as cultures. Next, building connections on YouTube is important as videos are one of the most popular content formats, which we can regularly share on our Social Media…not to talk about the fact that you simply can’t get bored while watching videos on this platform!

We would love to hear about your thoughts – if you feel like you would like to give us some tips, or to make a video of something you do, please feel free to CONTACT US here.

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Lets go punting Cambridge
Lets go punting Cambridge