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Information & Frequently Asked Questions - Updated 30th of August 2021

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Updated August 2021

All of our services are currently available. We are keeping some COVID-19 safety measures in place and still strongly advise booking in advance.

  1. PRIVATE TOURS – A private 50-minute tour for up to a maximum of 12 passengers. Multiple boats can be purchased for larger groups.
  2. DISTANCED SHARED TOURS –  Book for up to 2, 3, 6 or 9 people and join a 45-50 minute tour. Your group will have their own row (with or without customers opposite) or be in their own section of the boat. From 1st of September, we will no longer be using perspex screens to separate groups sitting back to back or asking if you are happy opposite another group.  If you are not comfortable sitting in close proximity to another group we recommend booking a private tour. The shared tour option is more cost-effective for smaller groups. Additionally, we now have family tickets available – offering a cheaper rate for groups with children.

Bookings can be made online or by calling 01223 651 659. You will select a departure time at the point of booking. Late arrival will result in a missed tour.

We advise booking in advance as on-the-day availability is likely to be limited. In addition, our online rates are cheaper so you can save money too!

Under the current guidance (Monday 16th of August 2021) social distancing is not required and therefore both private and shared groups can consist of multiple households. We have made the decision to remove our perspex screens from the beginning of September 2021.

Key Dates

Roadmap to Recovery 2021

***All dates are government projections and are subject to change.

March 29th – Open for private tours and single household half-boat only.

Bookings must adhere to either rule of 6 or be a maximum of 2 households/bubbles.

Government advice is to stay local.

April 12th – Open for private and distanced shared tours.

Private tours must still adhere to either rule of 6 or be a maximum of 2 households/bubbles. Distance shared groups should be one household/bubble.

May 17th – Open for private and distanced shared tours.

Larger groups are permitted to socialise in groups of up to 30. Social distancing measures should be observed (close family and friends are not required to socially distance). Ensure bookings are able to comply with the regulations.

July 19th – Social Distancing Measures are removed.

Bookings can be made without restriction. Perspex screens will remain in place for shared tours.

Enhanced cleaning between tours will continue. We will have santitser available for staff and customers to use.

August 16th – No legal requirement to socially distance. People who are double vaccinated are no longer required to isolate unless they have the virus. Perspex screens will be removed from shared tours in September 2021 when most adults in the UK have had access to the vaccine.

What are we doing?

  • As of September 2021 we are not using our perspex screens anymore so will be seating groups back to back. As of October 2021 we are no longer asking groups on shared tours if they are happy to sit opposite. Shared tours remain very safe as you are seated back to back or a minimum face-2-face distance of 1.5 metres from other groups.
  • We have temporarily removed our blankets and replaced these with wipe clean coverings. The boat sides and seat cushions will be cleaned between each tour.
  • We have implemented a text messaging system to aid social distancing which will alert you when we are ready for you to make your way to the boarding area.
  • Sales and organisational staff will be sanitising payment machines between uses.

We will be reviewing our risk assessments and operating procedure on a daily basis and making amendments where necessary and in line with any change in government advice.

What can you do?

  • Book online in advance and follow the instructions on your booking confirmation.
  • Clean/sanitise your hands before boarding and after your tour.
  • Maintain social distancing on Jesus Green whilst waiting to board.
  • Disembark promptly at the end of your tour and move away from the disembarking area.
  • Take any rubbish (empty food and drink waste) with you and dispose of it safely.
  • Turn your face away from boats passing at close range.
  • DO NOT COME PUNTING if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms or you have been asked to self isolate by the governments TRACK AND TRACE program. In this case please contact the office (01223 651659) to rearrange your tour or process a refund.
  • Face coverings and other PPE are currently not required for our customers but please feel free wear them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have, or make a booking which is then unable to go ahead due to local or national COVID-19 government restrictions you can choose between rescheduling your booking, receiveing a full credit note valid for 12 months or receiving a full refund.

Please head to the private tour page or distance shared page to make a booking. As traditional shared tours are not possible whilst social distancing is in place we have restructured our tours and are currently offering either: A private tour (ensuring you comply with the social distancing regulations at the time) or a distanced shared tour.

When booking a distance shared tour you select a ticket for up to 2, 3, 6 or 9 people all from one househol/bubble. It is possible to book a section for up to 6 people conmprising of 2 households as long as each household will fit onto their own row (i.e max 3 per household). You will be socially distanced from other groups on the boats by physical distance (1 metre plus) or a perspex screen.

Private tours can be booked online. Where you are looking to book for members from multiple households please ensure the booking can adhere to government guidelines on social distancing.

Whilst our normal cancellation policy applies we are making the following amendment: If you or anyone in your household has COVID-19 (Corona Virus) symptoms you can cancel up to 9am on the date of your booking and you can either reschedule or receive a full refund. 

We will also reschedule or refund your tickets if you’re subject to a local lockdown and are therefore unable to make your tour or are self isolating due to being contacted by Track and Trace.

If the roadmap to recovery dates change and this means you are unable to come punting you will be eligible for a full refund, reschedule or credit note.

There are 3 reasons why we may need to cancel your booking.

  1. The first is that government advice may change and it may, therefore, be necessary for us to halt our operations again until such time as restrictions are eased again.
  2. The second would be if members of our staff were to contract COVID-19, display the symptoms or be asked to self isolate by the government track and trace programme. This could potentially leave us in a position where we are short staffed and not able to fulfil our bookings.
  3. Government guidelines are changed and your booking no longer complies with the regulations – most likely due to group size or number of households.

In all cases you will be offered either the opportunity to reschedule or a full refund. 

You can currently make a bookings from the 29th of March for a private tour and shared tour bookings from the 12th of April.

Gift vouchers can be purchased – these make an ideal gift. Valid for one year, we will be happy to extend the gift voucher date if we need to lose for any period.

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