Locating Let’s Go Punting’s Departure Point

Locating punting in Cambridge can always be confusing. As our landing stage and departure point is on the corner of Jesus Green, it can sometimes be difficult for our customers, especially those of you who don’t live in Cambridge to find us. At Lets Go Punting we’ve put together a guide to locate our departure point ready for your guided punting tour with us.

How to find our departure point.

Our punting departure point is situated on the corner of Jesus Green, behind La Mimosa restaurant. La Mimosa is located at the end of both Thompsons Lane and Park Parade.


Coming to us from the city centre via Bridge Street? Look out for a turning on the right-hand side, next to Côte Brasserie and opposite St John’s College, that’s Thompsons Lane.


In case you cannot find Thompsons Lane, then carry on down to Quayside. Head down the boardwalk next to Las Iguanas and we are based at the very end of the boardwalk.


Coming from the north? Cross the Chesterton footbridge on Chesterton Road, and head straight down the path on Jesus Green to where La Mimosa is.


Once you have found our departure point, you can find us under the orange umbrella. Like the majority of Cambridge punting companies, Let’s Go Punting is an independently run business, so we share the landing stage with five other independent punting companies. Please don’t be worried if you can’t find us on the boardwalk initially as there are lots of very friendly punting staff ready to help direct you to one of our cashiers.


After you have found our orange umbrella and one of our cashiers has got your booking confirmation, you will then be asked to wait by our meeting point next to Jesus Green tennis courts. From there you will be escorted to your punt.


If you want any more information, our youtube video ‘Locating Let’s Go Punting is linked here

Coming to Cambridge by Car

Like with most cities, it can be difficult to find a parking space. However, throughout off-peak times it does mean that there are plenty of car parks at your disposal.


Castle Hill is the closest car park to our punting departure point, located just a 9-minute walk north of our landing stage. It is important to note this car park is a single-story, so spaces are likely to be filled quicker.


Cambridge has three major multi-storey car parks in the city centre, The Grand Arcade, The Grafton and Queen Anne.


The Grand Arcade is Cambridge’s main parking facility. This is also the car park nearest to all the colleges, the riverside and the busy city centre.


The Grafton Centre has two car parks, Grafton East and Grafton West. Grafton West is in the best location to get to Jesus Green.


Queen Anne car park is the car park that is the furthest away from our departure point. However it is still less than a half an hour walk from us.


Whilst driving into the city centre, there are various boards along the roadside detailing how many spaces are left in each multi-storey car park. Alternatively, if you go onto Cambridgeshire County Councils’ parking website and click on the specific car park it will tell you in live time how many parking spaces are left.

Getting to Cambridge by Train


Once you have arrived at Cambridge station, take any of the buses heading into the city centre. Cambridge’s main bus station is located at Drummer Street. From there, our landing stage is a 10-minute walk away.


Alternatively, our departure point is within walking distance from Cambridge Station. Walking takes around 30 minutes. Another option is the taxi rank to the right of the station.


For those of you arriving from Cambridge North station, there is a bus and taxi rank in the forecourt.

Choosing the Park and Ride


Cambridge’s Park and Ride is probably the easiest option. Cambridge has five park and ride sites throughout the city, therefore catering for every location; Trumpington, Madingley Road, Milton, Newmarket Road and Babraham.


If you were to get the Park and Ride from Madingley Road, the bus route has a stop on Bridge Street so is an ideal bus to get if you want to avoid the crowds.

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