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Introducing the all-new nature activity booklet to help guide young and inquiring minds through their discovery of the River Cam! Through a series of challenges and puzzles, children can engage with the local environment around them on our punting tours. It makes the experience just that much more exciting - and it's so cheap to add it onto your booking!
Group of boys and girls on a punting boat on the River Cam in Cambridge outside of the Wren Library Trinity College Cambridge on a school trip

It’s here! We are proud to introduce the all-new nature booklet to guide young and inquiring minds through their discovery of the River Cam. The architecture is only half of the story – it’s the ever-changing natural beauty on the river that gifts customers a new experience every time.

It’s a welcomed addition to the activity booklet family. We have our Easter, Halloween, and Christmas booklets. The new booklet to join the party is to be enjoyed year-round – no need to wait for the next holiday now!

What is it?

Each time of year, there are different combinations of wildlife and greenery to catch. It’s a little lottery of what sights might present themselves to young adventurers. From ducklings to herons to kingfishers, there is plenty to keep an eye out for. Our activity booklet puts the natural beauty of the River Cam in the spotlight – ready for your admiration.


The nature activity booklet can be added to your punting tour as the ideal means to immerse children in the wonders of the Cam. Through a series of puzzles, four to eleven-year-olds can fully delve into learning all about the local species to be spotted along the river. For only an additional £3, the nature activity booklet can elevate your punting experience and guide children through an appreciation of mother nature’s creations along the River Cam.


‘The nature activity booklet kept my eldest entertained all throughout the punting tour. My youngest, who took a little longer with the puzzles, was still kept busy with it on the drive home! What a bonus! The booklet got us extra value for money because the kids were even more excited by seeing the birds on the river because it ticked off one of their challenges. It made the tour that extra bit more special than it already would have been.’


What better way to learn than through spot the difference, crosswords, word searches and more! Whether you are a parent, family friend or teacher planning an education treat for blossoming students, our nature activity booklet is calling your name.


It’s more important than ever for kids to learn about the environment

It’s a more important time than ever to encourage growing minds to consider the environment around them. We are proud to provide a carbon-neutral travel service – and even more eager to help children fully appreciate the value of thriving ecosystems around them! One section in the nature activity book is devoted to helping children understand the simple actions they can take to be kinder to the planet. Kids are never too young to start learning about green choices!

Learning through nature is a powerful developmental tool for children – it builds skills such as observation, problem solving and patience! It’s also essential to expose growing minds to new environments so that they can rise to new challenges. If you’re on the hunt for things to do in Cambridge for kids, this fun outdoor option is your go-to. Any time of year, come rain or shine, the natural wonders of the river await.


How to Book

Press book now on our website. This will take you to a page to select the month that you would like to punt with us. After choosing the month, you will see the time slots to select and each of their prices. You will then see a page to add on the extras of your choice. Here, you can select your nature activity booklets. It’s that simple!

On the day, everything will be prepped and ready for your nature expedition punting tour. After hopping onto the boat, your chauffeur will hand you the booklets and pens to be ready to embark! Each chauffeur goes through an extensive training programme readying them for all sorts of questions. When it comes to your activity book challenges, use your skilled chauffeur as a source of River Cam knowledge to utilise!


What else to do in Cambridge?

Following your session of punting exploration, our booklet will help you make the most out of your city wildlife day out. We recommend a number of green spaces to really go ham on your Cambridge nature day. This complements the free City Guide that you’ll receive from us via email. Your City Guide is packed with discounts, local recommendations and a run-down of Cambridge activities and attractions.

Jesus Green – perfect for a family picnic and only metres away from our location!

What else is there to say – get to booking! This is an exciting new twist on punting for all the family. Read all about how we as a family business operate with family-friendly activities at the heart of what we do.

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