Christmas Carols on the River 2018 – Why take part?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; and we strongly beleive that Christmas is also the time to show love and support towards the others. This year, we organise Christmas Carols on the River; a charity event full of joy. There will be Christmas lights, warm blankets and the choir of St John, the Evangelist will make sure you feel the Christmas Spirit by singing well-known, beautiful Christmas melodies.

In this blog post, we collected 5 reasons for you to join us on the punts on the 15th December at 3pm:

1. You can be a Peace-Maker
100% of our ticket sales go to Christian Aid to support people suffering from violence and conflit worldwide.

2. Your favorite Christmas Carols will be sang by a choir of children
Do you need anything more heart-warming this time of the year?


3. The College Backs are beautiful in winter
Some people think punting is only a summer activity… they have definitely never been punting in winter.

4. It’s time to get festive
The event is going to take place ten days before Christmas Day and will definitely get you into the Christmas Spirit!

5. You can take Mulled Wine or Hot Chocolate on board
On Quayside, there are lots of amazing bars and restaurants you can get takeaway drinks from; for example, in Cafe Foy, they do hot chocolate with Baileys! Yumm!

If you feel like this is something you would love to do this year, book your tickets here.

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