Christmas Carols on the River 2019

On the 15th December 2019, seven of our boats glided along the River Cam for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

Let’s Go Punting & the Traditional Punting Company organised ‘Christmas Carols on the River’ for the second time this year in order to help children and young people with life-threatening conditions in the UK. This year’s choice of charity was EACH; an incredible charity that offers a lifeline at an unimaginably difficult time for young people and their families.

The choir from St John, the Evangelist sang everyone’s favourite Christmas Carols this year as well as last year. While last year it was pouring rain, this year, we had the most perfect weather for the event.

The choir was fantastic and all our guests definitely had a fabulous time while listening to them. In fact, we had some lovely audience on the bridges and on other punts passing cheering and clapping! Most importantly; together we raised £553 for EACH and we also donated £120 to the Church of St John, the Evangelist.


Christmas is time to spread love all around and support those who have a difficult time during this period of the year. With small acts of love, we can all make a difference.

Do something for good this Christmas!

Donate to a charity, buy presents for those who are in need, or make sure someone won’t need to spend Christmas hungry, cold or alone. It’s still not too late to buy a present for someone at the Grafton Giving Tree, donate to the homeless in Cambridge.

Little acts count

Smile on that grumpy guy you meet every morning on your way to work! Be kind! Invite some lonely friends, family or neighbours around to spend the most wonderful time of the year together.


We hope you liked this blog post and that you will have a Merry Christmas!



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