Has the River Cam Run Dry?

Of course not! However, during these hot days, while we’ve been enjoying the glide on the Cam, we’ve realized that the famous College Backs sorrounded by dry, yellowish grass that merges into the colour of their walls looks less charming than usual. Also, the water level has rapidly decreased during this period of time.

Letting our imaginations free we played with the crazy thought of River Cam running dry for a while; what would Cambridge life be like after that…?!

1. Depressing

Cambridge people would totally go lethargic if they lost the river running through the city’s heart. The riverside is the most popular destination of different groups of people having fun with their loved ones. No more romantic dinners in riverside restaurants, no more family picnics on Jesus Green… no, we don’t want that happen!

2. Empty

Not just simply, but VERY… and we don’t just mean the way it would literally look like. River Cam creates the atmosphere of Cambridge that all locals and tourists adore.

3. No Cute Ducklings

No more fluffy cuties messing around the river… life without animals would be sad!

4. No More Punting

THE REAL DISASTER! Punting is the main activity to do in Cambridge, a must-do for locals and even for Cambridge citizens.

5. No Job For Punting People

Sadly, our team would need to look for some other kind of work for living… some of them would run a bar, others would choose to run horses in the empty river bed… wanna find out more of their crazy ideas? Check the video below!


Go Punting Before The River Dries Out! Book your tickets here.
(Don’t worry folks, we’re just joking! We’re gonna be here! 🙂 )



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