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What a year it has been... However, not everything has been bad news, and these are the things that we should be cheering for! This could include the positive moments that have happened within our families or celebrations that have occurred, but also to all those things that have happened around us. For example, all the new independent businesses that have managed to still make their way into Cambridge this year.

Cambridge’s 2020 Bright Side


Cambridge has been presented with some interesting new additions this year. From a couple of vegan cafes, shops, an indoor inflatable theme park to the arrival of electric scooters. The best way to support these new businesses within our city is by opting to shop, consume and recommend what’s local. As a small business, we have found that is has been so effective during these difficult times. Therefore, by opting to support your local community you are boosting the economy and allowing our city to thrive! Check our suggestions on how to support your local community this run up to Christmas.



Christmas Decorations at the Mill Road Winter Fair.

Shop Local



New in Cambridge:

  • E-scooters

In order to encourage environmentally friendly solutions, the city of Cambridge has introduced about 50 Voi e-scooters. This new carbon-neutral form of transportation is available to those aged at least 18 years old, or to those who have at least a provisional driving licence.

These e-scooters will be available around the city centre for a provisional period of 12 months. It costs £1 to unlock the scooter, then a further £0.20 per minute between 6am and 8pm. For more information download the Voi app to your smartphone.

Voi electric Scooter in Cambridge

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 15/10/2020
Launch of the Voi Electric Scooters in Cambridge. For the next 12 months, Cambridge visitors and residents will be able to ride Voi e-scooters around the city as a carbon-neutral form of transportation, but they are only available to those aged 18 or older who have at least a provisional driving licence.
The initial fleet will number 50 e-scooters available in Cambridge from Thursday 15th October, with more being introduced over time by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.
Pictured is Jess Hawker riding along Kings Parade.
Picture: Mark Bullimore Photography


  • Miniso

Straight to the heart of our city, Miniso just opened it’s doors at Lion Yard. This store is inspired by the Japanese culture, bringing us all sorts of high quality lifestyle products for considerably affordable prices.

In fact, Miniso has proved to be really popular among the locals. Moreover, all of their products have been proven to be popular, perhaps due to the fact that they are all dimple yet efficient gadgets.



  • Kitchen & Things

Fitzroy Street has also seen some changes this year. The recent opening of the store Kitchen & Things has been the highlight! In this shop, you can find plenty of unique items mainly for your kitchen but also for gardening or general household items.

Here you can find all these treats in the Aladdin’s cave as the owners call it, and it has been a great shopping addition to the Grafton area post lockdown 2. So go check it out!



If Cambridge has a city of so much to offer, now there’s even more. Don’t forget to explore it all, regardless of whether it is brand new or if it has been around for a really long time. In the meantime, don’t forget that Punting in Cambridge is still a great fun outdoor activity to go forward with for a family day out, despite the weather. We, at Let’s Go Punting are waiting for you!


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