10 reasons why Cambridge is the perfect place for a mini-break in 2020

New year, new adventures…

With the beginning of 2020, some of us have already started making plans for the new year. For example, what to eat in order to stay healthy, where to celebrate the most important family occasions and finally; where to go on a mini-break?

Cambridge is definitely a good choice for a mini-break or weekend away, and in this blog post, we’ll give you 10 reasons why!


1. History

Cambridge’s history dates back to the 1st century AD, when the Romans built a fort on Castle Hill. However, the fort was left abandoned. The modern city of Cambridge was founded in 875 when the Danes conquered Eastern England. Finally, it was conquered by the Saxons in the 10th century. Of course, the creation of the University based Cambridge’s historical agenda.


2. University

The world-famous University of Cambridge consists of 31 Colleges and over 100 academic departments. You can visit the Colleges on a historical tour by walk or of course, on the punts. The University of Cambridge dates back to 1209 and is steeped in history. Both Walking Tour Guides and Punt Chauffeurs will provide historical information on the colleges and University. Many of the colleges can also be visited, entrance charges range from Free (Pembroke College) to £10 (Kings College Chapel). Visitor information can be found on the individual college websites and The Tourist information site: Visit Cambridge.


3. Punting

Punting in Cambridge is the number one tourist activity and the best way to see seven riverside Colleges in comfort and style (an absolute must-do during your mini-break). A punting tour, if chauffeured, takes approximately 50 minutes and covers the length between the Magdalene and the Mathematical Bridge. Our tours depart from the Magdalene College end of the river and both Private and Shared options are available. You are very welcome to bring your own drinks on board and we would highly recommend an Evening Summer Tour as the perfect addition to your mini-break.


4. Vibrant Street food

You can find several international food stands at Cambridge Market selling traditional specialities – delicious! FoodPark also organises pop up street food festivals and regular lunch time feasts. You will find many of the FoodPark regulars also host pop up nights around the city. A different street food van can be found outside Thirsty every night and one of Cambridge’s original Street food vendors – Steak and Honour – now have their own restaurant.


5. Top Quality Restaurants

Alongside a thriving street food scene Cambridge is home to a number of high quality restaurants and hidden gems serving quality food around here. For example, Restaurant 22, which is offering a unique menu and the finest wines. Also, the Midsummer House is worth a visit, which holds two Michelin stars. A couple of our other favourites are Trinity and The Oak Bistro. Vanderlyle is one of Cambridge’s newest restaurants serving up locally proceeded largely vegetarian fayre – definitely one of our favourites, these guys are in high demand and booking in advance is a must.


6. Amazing Free Museums

You can enter most Cambridge Museums without an admission fee. For instance The Kettle’s Yard, the University’s modern and contemporary art gallery. Another firm favourite is The Fitzwilliam – the University’s Art and Antiques museum. If you’ve brought the kids to Cambridge for the weekend we would highly recommend checking out the Zoology Museum 


7. Perfect with kids

Cambridge offers a wide range of activities perfect with kids, such as the Museum of Zoology mentioned above, Wimpole Hall and Farm and the Cambridge Arts Theatre. Cambridge has a number of excellently maintained parks and splashpads (splashes only open during the summer months). These are all free of charge and a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon.


8. Open Spaces

Cambridge boasts an abundance of open space and park land running through the city centre. Have a nice picnic or barbecue and enjoy a beautiful day on Jesus Green by the river or head to Parker’s Piece – where football was born! Take a walk through Coe Fen and Llamas Land or relax on Midsummer Common.


9. Festivals

Cambridge is home to a number of great small and day festivals, including Strawberry Fair, Cambridge Beer Festival now in its 47th year (at the time of writing). Cambridge boasts a number of educational events organised by the University, for including, the Festival of Ideas. If you happen to be in Cambridge during this time there are a plethora of interesting events and talks.


10. Independent Coffee Shops

There are an abundance of independent coffee shops in Cambridge, some of our favourites are Stir, Cafe Foy, No 30, Bridges Cambridge, Fitzbillilies, Bould Brothers Coffee or Indigo Coffee House. These are all based in different areas of the city entre meaning you are never far from a great cup of coffee and slice of home made cake.

We hope this blog post gave you enough reasons to visit our beautiful historical town and that you’ll enjoy your mini-break here! Don’t forget to come down to the river and come punting 🙂

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