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Punting has been around for a long period of time. This activity consists in pushing a flat and wide boat, along mainly shallow rivers, with the use of a long pole. Originally, punting was the main way to transport goods around England, through the narrow rivers connecting the cities. Such as in Cambridge. Once the punt itself was considered one of the smoothest and safest kind of ‘cargo boats’. Technically, this can be explained by the considerable amount of weight possible to carry on top of such flat-bottomed boats.


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On the other hand, punts were also used as stable fishing platforms for fishermen. Thus, they are in fact, the smoothest way of sailing the river. Followed by, their accessibility and easy steering capacity. Which means that the punter can steer the boat into the ideal spot for the fishermen.

It is believed that Punting was quickly seen as the ideal way to take tourists on board.  Besides this was the greatest way to reveal England’s hidden gems. In fact, the River Thames in London was the very first one to make use of punting as leisure. Moreover, this activity started to become popular around other cities of England, such as Manchester, Oxford, Canterbury, Birmingham and Cambridge.


punting, punting in cambridge, lets go punting, cambridge, history of punting in Cambridge

Punting in Cambridge

In regards to Punting in Cambridge, it is assumed that it must have started between 1902 and 1904. Thus, this must to activity was extremely popular by the public demand when visiting Cambridge. Whilst enjoying a traditional style punting tour along the River Cam, passing through the main sights along the River. Along the famous Backs, known as the 7 colleges from Cambridge University to 9 Bridges along the middle of the Cam.

As a Punting Company ourselves, we dare to say that it’s indeed the best activity to do when in Cambridge. Although Summer is, in fact, the most popular time of the year to go punting. It is also when sometimes you can’t even see the colour of the River, once it is full of punts. Therefore, we consider Autumn and Spring to be the best punting seasons. Once that’s when you can soak up the true beauty and tranquillity of our city.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Go Punting!

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