Let’s Go Jumping at North London Skydiving Centre

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 – Something fantastic happened with our Top 2 (according to TripAdvisor) Tour Guides! They were awarded with a probably scary, but at the same time, awesome must-do life experience: SKYDIVING!

Before we really get into the story, let me introduce the two lucky fellas mentioned above. Ladies and Gentlemen, please get to know our stunning Dane and incredible Kieran (they looked this cool till the moment the plane reached 10,000ft):

Kieran and Dane

Our day started at around 7.00am – sooo early -, when The Big Boss picked everyone up from the office. The guys had a last – emotional – look at the office and said farewell. We headed straight to the North London Skydiving Centre, about 40 minutes away. We thought there would be only a few people waiting around on a Wednesday, but we were wrong; it was packed! Who knew parachuting is so popular?

Things started to get real when the boys had to complete their health and safety checks and sign their lives away! Whilst they were busy, the Boss and I cracked a few jokes about the perils of jumping out of a plane…. maybe a little mean?!?

The staff at the Skydiving Centre were very professional and welcoming – they completed a 20 minute training session with the boys, during which, they explained key safety points and the body positions they had to adopt when leaving the aircraft, whilst in freefall, and the landing. The guys also had the option to watch a skydiving video and choose whether to have their jump filmed.

Around 9.00am, after everything was set and we watched the first couple of brave jumpers, our brilliant guys’ time has come. We recorded their last words aimed to their beloved girlfriends and mothers and let them go – of course, with two cameramen.

What happened after this is history – just joking, please do watch this cool video of both Dane and Kierans jumps:

Hope you loved this blog post! We would absolutely recommend North London Skydiving Centre if you are brave enough to try skydiving – if not, go punting instead! 😉

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