Music on the River with Max Bianco

Friday, 9th August – It was a tough start. Although the weather forecast said it would be nice and sunny in the afternoon, the rain started to sprinkle, drizzle and mizzle around 4 o’clock, which resulted at a very-scary-almost-like-a-tornado-experience until exactly 7pm, just half an hour before the start of our gig.


However, as Katy Perry wisely says ‘ after a hurricane comes the rainbow’ (or probably it was just raining so much that there were no clouds nor a single drop of rain left near Cambs by 7 o’clock, which only meant good for us).

Thus, by the time our guests arrived, we had dry punts with dry blankets and an amazing singer on board: Max Bianco.

This talented chap definitely made everyone happy with his originals while they were smoothly gliding along the Cam in the beautiful sundown. People on board were clearly enjoying their evening with a chilled drink in their hand from the river’s one and only floating bar: The Punt and Pole.



We are still looking for the answer whose idea was to bring purple hair dye on board… 😀 if you don’t believe us, check this video out:


We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for everyone who came. Can’t wait to have Max on board again!



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