Spring is Coming, Let’s Go Punting!

This has been a fantastic week so far; the sun has been shining a lot and the smell of the blooming flowers have spread in the air. During our afternoon walk in town yesterday, we realised that people have already started to spend their freetime outside rather than staying inside, and we can not blame them; it was definitely enough from the cold Winter days.

Punting in Cambridge is the most popular in Summer; however, some might not know that the early days of Spring are the best day to go on a tour… you wonder why?

First of all, punting in Cambridge is great this time of the year due to the weather conditions. It’s not too cold and it’s definitely not too warm either- simply perfect. Of course, if you still feel a little bit chilly outside, we will provide you with one of our soft and warm blankets on board.

Secondly, the River Cam is surely not too busy but also, it is not entirely dead. You might meet with other groups enjoying the sun and the historical scenery on the river, but there won’t be crazy self-hires crashing into each other and people falling into the water – it’s still a little bit cold for that! Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the glide…

Next, you will see the Colleges at their best. The blooming trees give colour and a special atmosphere to your Cambridge University river tour; not to talk about the wonderful Clare Fellows’ Gardens, which is absolutely stunning this time of the year.

Finally – and that’s the best part – you can still book your tour for our Low Season Prices. March is the last month of Low Season; don’t miss our cheap offers out!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you would like go punting in March, click here to book your tour.


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