5 Interesting and Fun College Back Stories

Cambridge University is 809 years old today. This unbelievably long tractate wasn’t only about its successfull Alumni and other world-known historical happenings, but also about less-known little stories we mention to our guests during their tour. Here is a little introduction about some interesting and fun College Back Secrets.

1. They don’t like to admit it but the University of Cambridge was originally founded by scholars from Oxford in slightly dubious circumstances. Those scholars had started a riot back in Oxford and fled to Cambridge in order to escape the consequences… and the rest is history.


2. Magdalene College, founded in 1428 was originally a Hostel for Benedictine monks called ‘Monks’ Hostel’.


3.The Cripps Building is not the most popular building on the River… in fact, some people don’t even think it’s part of the Colleges. Prince Charles is not a big fan of the building either and has given it the nickname ‘The Multi Storey Car Park’.


4. The capstone in one of Clare Bridge’s arch isn’t central. They say this bridge is going to fall down any day now… but they have been saying that since the 1600’s it is probably good for another week.


5. King’s Chapel’s windows are very valuable and they were all taken out during World War II to protect against bombs. This however turned out to be a bit of a waste of time as Cambridge wasn’t heavily bombed in the war and they also forgot to write down which window goes where in the chapel…


If you would like to hear other interesting facts about the famous University, book your tour here.



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