5 Reasons Why You Should Go Punting in Autumn

People might think that the beginning of October means the end of punting season in town; however, it only means that we entered to the low season, alias the coldest time on the river. Life on the Cam never stops, and here we are: the existing proof of it.

The fact that punting tours are only enjoyable during the summer is definitely, entirely and completely FALSE.

Curious why you would love an Autumn tour?

Read our list of reasons below!


1. Prices are low

The October price drop is literally the best thing that can happen with those who always wanted to go on a tour but found it too expensive. Click here to check out our discounted prices.


2. The Indian Summer Rocks

Those precious, warm, dry, sunny days that show up unexpectedly after periods of rain. According to the latest weather forecast, there will be up to 22 next week. Tempted? Book now!


3. Magical Colours

Have you ever seen the Ivy at St John’s? Simply picturesque, just like the other sights  this time of the year.


4. Quiet River

The summer madness is over; no punts will crush into each other, and the chance of someone -including you, when your Tour Guide lets you to steer the boat – falling in to the water is practically equal to zero.


5.  You Get to Show Your New Sweater

It is called sweather weather. The Neighbourhood even wrote a cool song about it. “So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater!” – Romantic.





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