5 reasons you should join Children in Need ‘Punt-a-thon’

In collaboration with the Traditional Punting Company, we are raising funds for BBC Children in Need on a 12 hour-long ‘Punt-a-thon’ organised on Saturday, 2nd November from 8am till 8pm.

In this blog post, you’ll find 5 reasons why you should jump on our decorated Polka Dot Pudsey Punt and support Children in Need whilst gliding along the River Cam for a 50-minute tour.





1. Help Children’s Lives Across the UK
Children in Need supports children and young people facing a range of disadvantages including disability, poverty, abuse and neglect. Children In Need makes a positive difference to the young people it supports and allows them to reach their potential, as well as keeping them safe, secure and happy.




2. It’s on a Saturday
Saturdays are the best days of the week. You’ve just left Friday behind and you’ve got a whole, peaceful Sunday ahead. Hence why you should make the best out of these precious days, such as going somewhere fantastic with your family. In this case, you’ll enjoy the beautiful autumnal scenery in the heart of Cambridge while helping children across the UK… such a great deal!



3. Magical Autumn at it’s best
Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons when it comes to punting… to be honest, it is the most beautiful of all. Have you ever seen the colour-changing Virginia Creeper at St John’s? You don’t need to worry about the cold; we’ll have blankets and pillows ready on the boat for you, so you can get cosy right away.



4. Get Spotty-Dotty!
‘Children in Need’ is ideal for those who love dressing up in spotty-dotty costumes. Grab your Pudsey-ears and maximise your creativity in order to look amazing in our Polka-wrapped Punt designed and donated by Footprint Signs and Graphics.



5. Never Say No for Punting
That’s a general rule, no need to explain. ? Now, please feel free to grab your tickets here. Don’t forget that together we are strong and we can really make a difference.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely day!


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