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Whether you’re here for the weekend or are just visiting Cambridge for a day and want a fun way to explore the city’s sights; City Escape Games has you covered.


City Escape Games provide “self-guided city adventures” in cities across the UK.  They are a cross between an escape room adventure and a scavenger hunt.


City Escape Games has two different adventures you can complete while in Cambridge. The games include cryptic puzzles for you to solve whilst exploring the city’s most famous sites. A perfect combination of fun and intuitive puzzle-solving whilst exploring the landmarks of Cambridge. These city escape games are a great option for a unique family outing, a team-building exercise, Hen and Stag parties, or a group of puzzle-loving friends.


The two options to choose from in Cambridge escape games are; ‘The Society’ and ‘The Time Travel Teacher’.


‘The Society’:


A highly secretive society formed 500 years ago to protect the world from evil-doers and environmental disasters needs your help!


‘The Time Travel Teacher’:


Your college Professor has gone missing and a groundbreaking piece of new technology is under threat. Can you save the Professor and all of humanity!


Both games include solving cryptic puzzles across key city sights and can be completed any time within daylight hours. There is no time limit although both games take on average 60-90 minutes to complete depending on how quick your team is at cracking codes and solving cryptic puzzles.

How does it work?:


Both games are self-guided experiences, which means you can go at your own pace. Once you have purchased the game, follow the instructions and download the app (on iOS or Andriod). The clock starts once you have chosen a team name and photo….. Play as a team on your own or against your friends/colleagues/family and vie to crack the code the quickest.


Games take place outside and all clues can be solved without entering any private property or paying any entrance fees.


Who and Why play?:


You will need a team of 2-6 players who are up for walking a distance of approximately 2 miles in and around Cambridge city centre with a sophisticated clasp of English in order to tackle the ambiguous and hidden wordplay and clues the game has to offer. These puzzles are often linked to the architecture and history of the most iconic buildings in Cambridge, giving you a perfect integration of excitement and light-hearted perception of the city.

What happened when our office team tried it out…? 


Our office team of 4 made their way down to the starting point which was at the golden Corpus Clock. From there we took a selfie and the game commenced. We worked our way around the city centre and some of the key locations that were included in the puzzles were Pembrooke College, St Andrews Church, Christ College, and many more around the city centre. Some puzzles and riddles were easier than others, but we managed to complete the game in 65 minutes, and having a team to tackle each of the challenges is definitely recommended.



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