Cambridge Seasons – According to Let’s Go Punting

A little bit of nostalgia from Spring till Winter 2018 – as we were going through our photo and video library today, we realised we’ve got plenty material to produce a video which reflects the four seasons in Cambridge – from our, punting people’s point of view. It was lovely to go back in time and remember all the sunny walks around the city and the fantastic events we organised this year, including Music on the River and Christmas Carols on the River.

In the winter, watch us go,

We are punting in the snow.

In the spring our boots are wet,

See how deep our poles will get.

In the summer, by the Cam,

We work hard and catch a tan.

In the autumn, we still go,

We’re waiting for the winter snow.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you’d like to join us on a tour, click here to book your tickets.



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