Cambridge Staycation – Summer 2020

This year more than ever, it is paramount to support your local community. Therefore the idea of a staycation should be your top priority.

Cambridge is always a good plan!

This year more than ever, it is paramount to support your local community. Therefore the idea of a staycation should be your top priority. This means a vacation within your own country. For instance if you living in England, you may want to consider Cambridge as your staycation paradise destiny.

Kings Parade, Cambridge, Uk

Eat Out to Help Out

With the “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme put in place by the government, people can dine at restaurants, from Mondays to Wednesdays. They have the ability to get up to £10 deducted from their bill. This scheme has enabled a lot of eateries to keep afloat during these difficult time we all face, so it is definitely something you should be apart of. Cambridge has a vast selection of restaurants, so what better time to get up and dine at that place you have always wanted to go to? Maybe its somewhere you have always walked past but never thought you would have the time or money to visit?  However, with less than a week left, time is running out to capitalise on the discounted rate and help out your local food business. It’s now or never!

The majority of Cambridge’s diners and cafes offer up to 50% off. Some of these great places include The Galleria, Thrive, Fitzbillies, Smokeworks BBQ, Novi and MillWorks, to name but a few.

Eat Out to Help Out


Punting in Cambridge

Being the only exclusive way to witness the scenic beauty of the college backs, punting in Cambridge is as a vital activity now than ever before. 7 of the 31 colleges can be seen and within the space of one hour, providing for the most relaxing and informative visitation of the University of Cambridge. At Let’s Go Punting, we are also working with local businesses in order to provide customers such as the chance to have picnics on the punt, inclusive of afternoon tea treats. This is a further step in the direction of helping our neighbouring eateries.

Punting has, and always will be a vital part of life in Cambridge. It has been a tradition to punt for leisure for over 110 years, though previously having been used to transport goods within the city. Since re-opening on July 4th, many people have since come punting with us. They have had an unforgettable experience – all the while feeling as safe as possible. We strive each day to continue the tradition of punting in Cambridge, even amidst this difficult time. We aim to accommodate visitors of Cambridge and ensure their time here is the most memorable.


Take the family Punting in Cambridge

Other Cambridge Sights

It is not just eating and punting that can fill your day when visiting Cambridge (even though they are best parts). The city also the home to some amazing attractions like the botanic gardens and an array of museums. Whats great about Cambridge is the fact that it is a small city so its easy to walk around, so even if your list of things to do here is quite substantial it can easily fit into a staycation break. Cambridge is a place where some of the world’s greatest minds have experimented and created the most amazing things. So with both the history and beauty of Cambridge you cannot go wrong with visiting this quaint University city. You can combine riverside strolling, punting on the Cam and a leisurely lunch in an English pub to wrap up a cultural adventure in Cambridge.

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