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Punting Special Events


Throughout the year, here at Lets Go Punting, we host a varied range of special events, all based around one theme, punting.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most of our events have been on hold.  Luckily in 2022, things have started to quieten down, allowing us to go ahead with a very special event for summer 2022.


Music on The River


Our Music on the river event is the perfect way to experience Cambridge in the summer. Since we are always looking for ways to showcase our pretty little Cambridge and ensure everyone can get a glimpse of this scenic city. Thus, our two-hour guided punting tours in river Cam with live music on a Friday evening from Jesus green all the way to mill pond and back is the definition of a relaxed summer evening.




We started off our music on the river event with the amazing Dorothèa, who identifies as a passionate vocalist and composer who draws inspiration from Pop, Alternative Rock, and R&B. You may frequently catch Dorothèa singing at Chill #2 Cafe and Bar because she has a lot of experience in the Cambridge music scene. She also performed at the Strawberry Fair on Midsummer Common in June.

Her performance for the music on the river was joined by Miguel Zambujeira, a superb guitarist and lyricist who frequently performs with her.  Moreover, Dorothèa’s confidence and talent shone through, and you can tell she is passionate about singing. No matter how many low-hanging branches were in her path, her voice never once wavered.


The Playlist for the river

Pop anthems dominated the early part of our evening like Rihanna‘s Love on the Brain and Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now. The mood was exciting as the boats were crowded with enthusiasts. Some upbeat tunes were undoubtedly well-liked during this unsettled time. Dorothèa played some of the more well-known tunes. You Know I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse, Feeling Good by Nina Simone, and Stand by Me by Ben E. King are just a few examples. These tracks wonderfully showcased Dorothèa’s wide variety of abilities.

Dorothèa pushed us to all sing-along and participate the entire time, that even some self-hire punters joined in the fun and sang along.


The Coming Music on the river

Do not worry too much if you missed Dorothea’s performance. As we still have two amazing artists coming up, you can book tickets for their performances and enjoy a wonderful punting experience.

The brilliant Liam Martin is up next. Liam, a Cambridge native and alumnus of Anglia Ruskin University, has a voice that can only be characterised as cinematic. He will perform a mix of live covers and acoustic originals, just like Dorothèa. So, on Friday, July 29, he will grace the River Cam. To make sure you don’t miss it, get your tickets here.


The one and only Ukulele Simon is our last performer. We had the good fortune to have him aboard in 2019. Thus, we are looking forward to his return this year. Everyone who hears him is delighted by his daring and distinctive manner. He is a very compelling artist. you can also check out his last performance in 2019




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