Is your bum still numb? – Let’s Go Punting’s Brand New ‘Quad-Core Cushioning System’

Of course, people love to go punting, but over more recent years, we have noticed that customers on the river would moan a little saying “It was lovely, but my bum is very numb!’. Also, our Guides would be a critical of the fact that during rainy days the cushions would absorb moisture. Not good we thought…and so the challenge was set!

How to create a cushioning system which will both satisfy the customer (who come in all shapes and sizes – as it’s shown on the image below) and our staff (who will only work with the best equipment, ha-ha) at the same time?

Bottom Shapes, according to Let’s Go Punting

And this is it. Introducing to the entire planet the completely revolutionary “Quad-core cushioning system” (At least that’s what we’ve decided to call it anyway… ☺️)

Let’s Go Punting’s Brand New completely un-patented (this means that other companies will copy us and be offering this very soon indeed) – Quad-Core cushioning system

….but what is it??….allow me!

We use 4 layers on our boats for comfy bums

Layer 1. Closed cell firm sponge built to last and to ensure the your bottom enjoy’s a soft base foundation layer; to which we then added….

Layer 2. …another closed cell corrugated sponge which gives the “ahhhh….that’s better” response that we were looking to achieve all along

Layer 3.  Next, a comfy warming rug imported all the way from Scandinavia (they’re from Ikea)

Layer 4. Finally, our distinctive red cushions which provide a optional extra which no other companies currently offer their customers. So At Let’s Go Punting we really do go the extra mile to offer  our amazing customers the best possible Punting experience.

The boats are ready waiting for you!

If there is any doubt about this then you should come Punting in Cambridge with us to experience the revolutionary benefits of our Quad – Core bum system.

We discovered that it’s better for you than Yoga & Lentils!

We love your bums @ Let’s Go Punting & remain committed to your posteriors (upgrade recommendations are very welcome anytime) and always remember to “Enjoy the Glide” with us!?

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