Let’s Go Hunting this Easter Holiday!

Join our Punt and Hunt themed activities on the River Cam this Easter holiday. Perfect outdoors activity for your whole family!

Let’s Go Hunting!

Our Easter Hunt and Punt is now here!

For the Easter holiday we know it can be hard to come up with things to fill the time with, so our Easter Punt and Hunt may be the perfect thing for your whole family!


This April we have designed a new and exclusive Easter Scavenger Hunt that takes you along the river and around the city! Our Easter Scavenger hunt is available from the 1st of April to the 24th of April, and is fun for all the family.

The Easter Hunt and Punt is split into two parts, with an On the River section and an Around the City section.


Easter on the River:

Your Easter Scavenger Hunt begins when you collect your booklet from one of our cashiers at the start of your punting tour. Whether you have chosen to go on a shared or private punting experience, you can add our Easter Hunt and Punt to your booking for just £2.50 per booklet. We do recommend getting one booklet per child as each booklet’s code can only be redeemed once for the prize at the end!


Included in the On the River Section of your Easter Scavenger Hunt are questions relating to the tour being given by your chauffeur, so make sure you’re paying attention!

Next up we have the Around the City section of the booklet. This section isn’t mandatory for you to claim your prize but is definitely a fun way to explore the city.


Easter around the City:

In the Around the City part of your booklet, you follow a series of questions that will take you on an hour long explore of the city. Each question relates to something different you can find or see, so get ready to hunt down the Easter Bunny and maybe find an Easter egg or two!



Easter Punt & Hunt Prize:

As previously stated, you only need to complete the On the River section of your Easter Punt and Hunt to earn your prize! With each answer you get by completing each of the questions and games in this section the answer is paired with a letter. If you get all the answers correct then by combining the letters you will spell out an Easter themed word!

This word will act as your code, and you will need to take this to a cashier at Hardys Original Sweetshop to claim your prize!


Take Easter home with you:

At the end of your booklet we have also included a cooking section, so the fun doesn’t stop when you leave Cambridge!

We have included our favourite thing to bake this Easter, Easter Egg Nests. The yummy chocolate Easter Egg Nests are the perfect thing to help you celebrate Easter, and they are something the whole family can bake together!



Our Easter Hunt and Punt booklet is an available extra when you book your punting tour, whether that’s a shared or private punting experience. So head on over to our booking page and book now for a brilliant Easter punting experience!


Happy Easter & Let’s Go Hunting!

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