Let’s Go Punting with BTap Baron!

Punting & BTap Baron Time!


Time to have some fun along the River Cam, all whilst supporting a fellow local business: BTap Baron!

Punting in Cambridge along the most picturesque backdrop with the most delicious bubble waffles in town sounds pretty amazing to us.


Punting with BTap Baron

We’ve decided to support BTap Baron, the yummiest shop around Cambridge and you can find out everything about them in this blog post!

Among the first bubble waffle cafes in the UK, BTap Baron, an eastern cultured dessert shop, provides the most mouth-watering waffles Cambridge has to offer. Favoured in the streets of Hong Kong, egg waffles or “Gai daan zai”, are a delicious snack typically served plain in the East, but bundled with sweet, oozing joy here in the West.

B.Tap welcomes its customers with open arms. Using their premium Belgian batter mix, each and every waffle is freshly made and often served with gelato, fruits, nuts and sauces of all kinds though having a plain waffle delicious and hearty in itself.



Get to know them!

Inspired by a variety of the greatest minds the world has ever seen, B.Tap offers a wizard-like selection of divine sweet treats, as well as magisterial milkshakes and savoury goodness. Furthermore, coffees are expertly made through the hands of trained baristas, making for an excellent short, caffeinated break.

Their best selling products include the Hawking – inclusive of fresh strawberries, Oreos and chocolate sauce, and the Newton – coated with fresh strawberries, chocolate buttons and Nutella.

The range is exceptional. From vegan alternatives to iced and authentic bubble teas. From fun-sized baby waffles to fully customisable waffle delights. All taste palettes are catered to here.

Centrally, yet beautifully located, B.Tap sits in the heart of Cambridge just outside the Grand Arcade. It is also a part of the “Eat Out To Help Out” government scheme during the month of August, which in turn sells its products for 50% cheaper which is definitely even the more reason to grab yourself a luxury waffle treat. Besides, B.Tap offers an eco-friendly service and free samples! You can also find them on delivery apps such as Deliveroo and UberEats.


The Inspiration Behind the Scenes

Rosalind Franklin, James Maxwell, Alan Turing, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin have all inspired BTap and so BTap simply strives to inspire you.


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As Connor, the store manager states, “the owner, Zachary L. Zavide, really shows interest in the professional growth of his employees. There is an undeniable feeling of warmth and comfort here. It helped me through a difficult time in my life, here, in many ways, is like a home to me”. Concluding that BTap Baron is “always striving for greatness and trying to spark joy in our customers.”

The owner, Zachary. L. Zavide, follows up mentioning what inspired him to create B.Tap. “The way we’ve embedded ourselves in the local Cambridge community is my biggest inspiration” explaining that their authenticity is the key to our success by popular demand. Adding that “everyone loves something from our shop whether it be the Waffles, Milkshakes, Bubble Teas or our Speciality Coffees”.


Go grab a bite at BTap Baron and come Punting with us!


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