May Ball Fireworks 2013

Monday 17th – Trinity May Ball fireworks v Tuesday 18th St.johns May Ball Fireworks.

Official Results  (According to Let’s Go Punting)

Trinity snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as St.Johns’ finale stole the show! Trinity’s fireworks opened with their usual extravagance and flamboyance. All looked on expectantly as we anticipated a classic crescendo which unfortunately didn’t materialise! Johns on the other hand laid on the classic show building slowly to a explosive, raucous and spectacular climax which filled the night sky with plumes of dappled fluorescent colour.

A great display from Johns!!

Congratulations also go to the RAVE PUNT!! The winners of most embarrassing river goers on the 18th – a truly odd spectacle in itself.


All images copyright Richard Godfrey Photgraphy

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