May Ball Fireworks Spectacular 2019

The brightest party of the year have arrived this week – Cambridge Students celebrated the end of their their studies with magical fireworks and – of course, as every year – with us, Punting People watching the spectaculars from the river.

Trinity College got dolled up in glam and fairy lights on Monday 17th June and welcomed its successful Cambridge Students, who looked like they just stepped out of Cinderella. The weather was brilliant, the venue was stunning and the River Cam went totally crazy.

By 10pm, the Cam was filled by punts and happy people on board enjoying some snacks, drinks and the beautiful scenery – the Wren Library was absolutely fantastic while the sun was going down.

St John’s Ball was a little bit trickier on Tuesday; there was pouring rain until 9.30pm, but by the time our boat departed, it magically stopped. It seemed like wet weather was not enough to stop people from coming along and enjoying the Ball – there was barely enough room for us to pass the Wren Bridge at 10pm (it would have been a little bit difficult to enjoy the fireworks while stucked under it, haha).

The fireworks started at 22.30pm on both occasions and as always, they were breathtaking. The choice of music played on the event was fantastic; our personal favourite was The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman at Trinity Ball.

Of course, we recorded everything this year as well – in a much better quality then before – so those who sadly had to miss these spectacular events can get the feeling how May Ball in 2019 was:

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to see what the River has to offer, click here to book now and save.

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