Music on the river 2022 is back

The finest event in Cambridge's summer calendar is officially back. Music on the river, summer 2022 is here, and you can book your tickets now. 


The finest event in Cambridge‘s summer calendar is officially back. Music on the river, summer 2022 is here, and you can book your tickets now.  Punt through Cambridge University‘s college backs with sights including Trinity and King’s college chapel, whilst enjoying live music performed by incredible voices as they serenade you on River Cam. Additionally, we must not overlook Cambridge’s magnificent bridges. Which can only be seen during a punting cruise across the river. It is absolutely the event for the summer.


The Lineup



Music on the river, summer 2022, will have three amazing artists: Dorothéa on the 22nd of July, Liam Martin on the 29th of July and then Ukulele Simon on the 5th of August.

In our opinion this is the ideal option for a night out, you will enjoy some lovely music as you spend a delightful evening floating slowly along the Cam.  Our flotilla of punts will glide up to the Mill Pond and back to Jesus Green, whilst the “college backs” are bathed in light from the evening sun.


The amazing Dorothéa


Dorothéa is a professional musician who will perform with Miguel Zambujeira, a gifted guitarist and singer.  Undoubtedly, you will love your evening chauffeured punt on the river. thanks to this fantastic acoustic duet from the Cambridge scene.  In addition to some of her original compositions, she will perform well-known pop songs and anthems. Dorothéa performs at events all across the region including  Cambridge Strawberry Fair just a couple of weeks ago. Therefore, you must not miss her performance on the river.  Make sure to listen to Dorothéa on Spotify.




The talented Liam Martin

We can all agree that Cambridge has a movie-like feel. How frequently have you heard people discuss Cambridge’s effect on Harry Potter?

Liam Martin is the epitome of what a film resounding voice is.  Singer-songwriter Liam Martin is a Cambridge local and is based here in the region. His music has cinematic, emotional, and atmospheric resonances. Additionally, his music is similar to Sleeping at Last and Paper Kites. Furthermore, Ben Howard, Damien Rice, S Carey, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver were all cited as influences. This event will make you feel as though you are a character in an old romantic film. Check out Liam martin on Spotify and give him a listen.


The utterly amazing Ukulele Simon

The sound of the ukulele is quite distinctive and extremely calming. Add the sound of Simon’s ukulele to Cambridge’s scenic views and our relaxing guided punt and you have the best punting experience for the summer. Ukulele Simon undeniably possesses a wide range of artistic abilities. He joined us for Music on the river in 2019, and everyone absolutely loved him. Luckily, we captured some of his spectacular performances on camera. You can check it out on our youtube channel.  Simon plays the ukulele in a unique style, constantly experimenting with new sounds and effects.  Moreover, He plays many different instruments and teaches music at Access Creative College. His performances are not your typical ukulele gig.  You can count on an outstanding performance, we promise. You can find Ukulele Simon tracks on youtube and on Spotify.

Punting through music on the river

Make sure to check out our vlogs of music on the river 2019 on our youtube channel. Book your tickets now for our summer event through our website or call us on 01223 651 659. You can book a private boat for just your group or join a shared tour and enjoy a live performance under the evening sky of Cambridge. Either way, mark your calendars because these events are not to be missed!


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