Sustainability within Cambridgeshire

At Let’s Go Punting we hold nature, the environment and sustainability very close to our hearts.


Watching Frozen Planet II on the BBC, really highlighted the urgency with which we must all act to prevent a further climate crisis.


I am very privileged to be in a position where I have barely experienced climate change first-hand.


After the extreme heat, we found ourselves experiencing this past summer, it quite literally brought home the fact that we are experiencing a climate emergency. And that nobody on this planet won’t be affected.


For those of us lucky enough to only see the effects of climate change through the safety of our own screens, this was the first time I had truly experienced first-hand the devastating impact our current way of life is harming the environment.


I was in no way oblivious or nonchalant about what was happening with our climate but I was certainly a comfortable distance away.


The championship of sustainability is becoming the forefront of our attention, with Cambridgeshire County Council declaring a Climate and Environment Emergency in May 2019.


It is vitally important for us to work with local suppliers to ensure we are doing the best we can to help our environment.


Food for the Planet 


Between the 15th and the 22nd of October, Cambridge Sustainable Food is hosting its first Food for the Planet Festival. The festival’s aim is to highlight the impact food has on Climate Change.


Over the week the festival is hosting a series of events, including soil workshops, community dining for those in food poverty, and surplus food distribution throughout the local community.

Credit: Cambridge Sustainable Food


Zero Waste Shops


I read an article in Cambs Edition about Zero Waste shopping. In which the writer Alex Fice stated ‘we need to see recycling as a last resort, rather than a goal.’


The increase of zero-waste shops is apparent, with even big supermarkets implementing a zero-waste option. Full Circle on Norfolk Street is Cambridge’s answer.


Their products are vegan, cruelty-free and use minimal packaging. You bring your own containers and buy as much or as little as you need. This not only stops unnecessary waste it also prevents overconsumption.


Outside the city centre? Worry not, Full Circle deliver to various locations throughout Cambridgeshire, you check if your postcode is on the list here. Their delivery days vary throughout the week, they cluster locations together to ensure they deliver to addresses in the same proximity to ensure fuel efficiency.


Vegetable Boxes


I’m surprised Vegetable Boxes haven’t gained more popularity. Who doesn’t want fresh, organic and zero waste vegetables?


There are several veg box schemes running throughout Cambridgeshire. Waterland Organics in Lode is part of the Community Supported Agriculture initiative. CSA means that customers can subscribe at the start of the season, enabling farmers to plan their crop share for the upcoming season, reducing food waste.


Cambridge Fruit Co is a city-based food box delivery service. Since starting out in 2005, Neil and his team have expanded their company to work with local independent merchants. Including Cambridge Juice Company, Andrews of Cambridge Butchers and Plumbs Dairy. You can choose between ready-made boxes and boxes you can make yourself.


They have several different boxes you can choose from including a Cocktail Party Box, an Essentials Box, and a Mediterranean Box. They also have The Red Hen Donation Box which goes straight to disadvantaged families.

Credit: Cambridge Fruit Company

Sustainable Refills


Green, Blue, You is a company that strives to help its consumers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. They provide doorstep refills in North Cambridgeshire, offering a variety of products including household cleaning supplies, hair and body products and laundry detergent.


Punting Picnics


Our delicious picnics, provided by All on Boards, are served in cardboard boxes with minimum packaging. Only the crackers and Nutella have unreusable packaging.


The jam jars from the Afternoon Tea box are the perfect container to reuse with some herbs and spices from Full Circle.


You can book your picnic on one of our punting tours by following the link here.


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