The Greatest Costumes Ever Worn on the Punts

Wearing costumes on our tours are not unusual, in fact, the majority of our Hen Parties arrive all dressed up. With Halloween around the corner, we got a little bit nostalgic and started to look through old photos of hens and guests wearing funny outfits.

Ladies and getleman, here are the winners:

1. The Dinosaur

It was cold, okay?! We totally get this lady.


2. Aww, look at these lovely ladies… wait, what?

Brave choice.


3. Stay Classy!

“Pretty women, walking down the street…”


4. Team Super Mario

Explanation: the groom was called Mario.


5. ‘Don’t worry John, we’ll take proper care of her…’

Oh, you did, Karen.

If you got into the mood of dressing up for a punt tour at Halloween, book your tickets online here.



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