Magdalene Bridge

Magdalene Bridge belongs to Magdalene College. The “Great Bridge” (as they used to call it) was designed by Norwich architect Arthur Browne and it was built in 1823.

It was repaired and strengthened in 1982.

Magdalene Bridge known as the cantebrigge (first written reference in works of Chaucer) and gave the city its original name. They still refer to Cambridge graduates as Cantabrigians to this day in the Latin.

Magdalene College

The College dates originally back to the year 1428. Magdalene College started its life as a hostel for Benedictine monks who were studying here at Cambridge. In an act of staggering originality, it was first named Monks’ Hostel. This was right on the outskirts of the city back then, much less convenient for the pubs and restaurants than it is today, and the reason they put it all the way out here was literally to keep those monks out of mischief.

Magdalene Today

There mixed student body in terms of sex, race and educational background at Magdalene College today. In recent years, Magdalene’s access programme has attracted many applicants from State schools, and the college’s close affiliation with international students’ bursaries such as the Prince Philip Scholarship and the Jardine Foundation has attracted many applicants from South East Asia, most notably Wong Yan Lung who went on to become Secretary for Justice for Hong Kong.

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