Things to do in Cambridge 2024

Whether you are a local or potential visitor, you can plan to get involved in some of the many things that Cambridge has in store in its buzzing itinerary for 2024. There is no shortage of Cambridge cultural wonders to marvel at this year.
A church in central Cambridge on the corner of Thompsons Lane with bikes locked up on the gate with a red post box and red telephone box

Whether you are a local or potential visitor, you can plan to get involved in some of the many things that Cambridge has in store in its buzzing itinerary for 2024. There is no shortage of Cambridge cultural wonders to marvel at this year.

Music this year

The Cambridge Folk Festival

Be part of one of the longest-running festivals in the world at the Cambridge Folk Festival – running since 1965! Located at Cherry Hinton Hall Park, you’ll be situated in the perfect location to feel immersed in folk countryside music whilst being within 15 minutes of the historical and buzzing city centre.

The Cambridge Folk Festival creates a designated space to appreciate new artists looking to make their mark. The festival has been renowned for its passionate eco-commitments and unique style.

Headliner Robert Plant CBE will be performing in Saving Grace, you can check to see the other festival artists on their website.

The Secret Garden Party

Cambridge will be hosting a triad of three fantastical parties over the summer. The first – Roots (25th-28th of July) – will be an electronic and electrifying few days with yoga sessions and wild swimming to prepare you for the party ahead. The Wild Meadows will run from the 5th-12th of August in a seven-night stay of a more relaxed environment with activities such as whacky science experiments and den building for kids to let off pent-up energy. It’s going to be a needed retreat into nature for all the family to remember. The final party of the three, Mistress Mary, is an exclusive invite-only rave in September with an anarchic theme – it’s very hush hush, you didn’t hear it from me. If you’re interested, find out more.

Back in 2017 – here at Let’s Go Punting, we provided the Secret Garden Party with punting tours as part of the festivities. We know first-hand how amazing the atmosphere is there.

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The Strawberry Fair

The Strawberry Fair – the 1st of June – is yet another one of the music festivals that Cambridge will be hosting this year with eco-friendly commitments; if you are looking for free things to do in Cambridge in 2024, this is an ideal occasion to see what the Cambridge community produces.

The Midsummer Common sets the scene for the day of musical magic and art put together entirely by dedicated local volunteers – affectionately called the Strawberry Fairies. This is a kid-friendly event and a dog-friendly place to be in Cambridge too. Roughly 30,000 people join for a day of diverse music, entertainment and togetherness. 2019 marked forty years of the festival and we are all hoping for at least another forty!

You can read up on the history of The Strawberry Fair, what the day will look like, and how to help out on their website.

Jools Holland

The Corn Exchange is located right in the city centre just a minute away from the bustling Market Square. One of its top artists this year is Jools Holland – known for ‘Touch’ and ‘Tainted Love’ – and will be gracing the city on the 3rd of November. His performance will be unforgettable, especially with the use of the amazing blues orchestra playing alongside him. Known for his BBC show ‘Later with Jools Holland’ who has debuted artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Bjork, John Legend, Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, and many other stars, he has a well-established carved-out space in the music industry. Read up more here.


University Events

The May Ball Fireworks

Cambridge University students celebrate the end of the academic year with a fantastical all-night ball in each college. The firework displays can be seen throughout the city, however there is no better place to watch the colours unravel for the St Johns or Trinity College firework display than on the river. We are very proud to offer VIP seats. Join us on the river for a night-time glide underneath the fireworks by booking here.


Cambridge Festival

The University of Cambridge is opening up its doors between the 13th and the 28th of March to invite you to join a vast range of activities on offer. Whether it’s exploring developments in politics, technology, music, art, or any other topic that you can dream of, there will be something in the programme tailored to your interests.

The events are not limited to academic discussion by any means: there are mindfulness activities, comedy sets, days at the farm, board games and also so much more. Looking to entertain the kids? Have a look at the space-themed craft workshops, pop-up and play sessions, science with lego activities, quizzes and anything else you can dream of for a Cambridge day out.

Check out their programme to see your menu of activities of things to do in Cambridge in March.

Art in Cambridge

Fitzwilliam Museum

For our art lovers out there, don’t miss the arrival of a masterpiece at the Fitzwilliam Museum from the 10th of May to the 10th of September. Sandro Bottechili’s Venus and Mars will sit alongside complementary pieces exploring gender and power. This unique work will be leaving the national gallery since its arrival in 1874 to pay us a visit here in Cambridge – the Fitzwilliam Museum is a spectacular and eager venue to receive it. Don’t miss this is a rare chance to see the painting on its visit to Cambridge.

Can’t make it to Cambridge during those months? From now until the 19th of May, the Fitzwilliam Museum has created a William Blake universe to step into. There is no need to book but it may help ensure you get your preferred time slot. Take a gander and find out more here.

If you’re interested, you can also read about how to make the most out of museums in Cambridge.



Cambridge Standing Tall

In recognition of young carers, thirty-one impressive giraffe sculptures will be dotted around the city centre as part of a free art trail to marvel at. This event will run from the 21st of March to the 2nd of June – giving you plenty of time to come and take a look for yourself. Break charity works in Cambridgeshire to raise the aspirations of young caregivers and provide them with the support they deserve. This event is the most beautiful hybrid of art and community to get involved in. Read up more here.

If you can’t make it to the amazing art trail celebrating young carers, you can come at any time of year to get to know the city by walking its cobblestoned streets. A Cambridge walking tour will provide you with the luxury of an expert local to help you see the city through their extensive insight. Stride Walking Tours provides the utmost knowledgeable guides thanks to their extensive training programme tailored to immerse visitors into the history and culture of Cambridge. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

Cambridge Literary Festival

For the book lovers amongst us, you will also need to put the Cambridge Literary Festival in the calendar for this spring. From Wednesday the 17th to Sunday the 21st of April, there will be a mixture of intriguing different speakers. Topics such as history, lifestyle, children’s books, thrillers and many more will be covered. Politics will be – in part – discussed by none other than Caroline Lucas – the first and only green MP.

There will be something for everyone. Events will span a number of impressive University locations such as The Cambridge Union. See what’s on that speaks to you by visiting their website.

Cambridge 2024 in a Nutshell

We hope that you now have the full picture of what’s on in Cambridge – altogether, there is plenty to keep up with! If you are looking for family days out, free things to do in Cambridge, a range of music events, or educational days out, this is the city to come to.

Read our review of Cambridge in 2023 to see what we have been up to these previous twelve months; this will give you an idea of how we might play a part in your 2024 plans. A trip to Cambridge wouldn’t be simply complete without a punting tour. To compliment any of your days out with the ideas we have suggested, you should definitely book a punting tour to get a sight of the exclusive Cambridge views that we offer. Choose between a shared tour or a private tour here – the difference being if you want the entire boat to yourselves or would be happy to share with other customers.




P.S: You can start to prepare now for 2025 with the Cambridge half marathon and plan a trip to attend the Watersprite Film Festival, both held in early March.

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