Valentine’s Day in Cambridge

Things To Do This Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to spend it than exploring Cambridge with your other half. With gorgeous sights to see and delicious restaurants to visit, here are some of the places we recommend to spend this special day.


1. Flowers and Chocolates



We are starting off with the classics, flowers and chocolates are a must for any valentine morning, and where better to get them than from small Cambridge businesses?


For chocolate, there is no better place than Chocolat Chocolat. With handcrafted valentines treats, and chocolate making courses you will be in chocolate heaven!


As for flowers, The Flower Shop on Magdalen Street creates the most beautiful bouquets that will bring joy to your partner’s day.

2. Punting


Cambridge is famous for its university and what better way to see the colleges than floating lazily down the river Cam? You will see the backs of 7 of Cambridge’s most famous colleges and 9 different bridges. With a guide on the back of your boat pushing you along and telling you the history as you pass each historical sight, all you need to do is sit back and relax. You can also add one of our picnic options to your punting experience if you want to add a little something extra to your punting experience.


3. Great St. Mary’s Church



If you love a good view then Great St. Mary’s Church is the place for you. The Great St. Mary’s Church Tower is accessible to the public and will give you the most spectacular birds-eye view of Cambridge. With over one hundred steps to get to the top of the tower, it is a bit of a climb, but is one hundred per cent worth it! You can see all over Cambridge and it is an iconic photo spot.

4. Evening Drinks



Cambridge has some lovely pubs and bars but a couple of them are beautifully unique. There is the rooftop bar, SIX, at the Varsity Hotel. SIX overlooks the river Cam and gives you a gorgeous view of Cambridge, and not only is it a lovely rooftop bar but there is also a restaurant so if you’re feeling hungry then you can grab a bite to eat.


Or, if you fancy a classier version of a pub then you should visit Parker’s Tavern. Located next to Parker’s Piece, the tavern has luxurious cocktails that are wonderfully crafted and lovely to look at. They also have a restaurant so if you fancy cocktails and dinner then this may be the best place to go.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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