Winter Punting Tours

Punting in winter?

Punting in Cambridge is not just for the summer months… in fact, winter punting has its own beauty and magic!

We are open year-round and the Winter months can be a really lovely time to head to the River Cam.

Why try punting in winter?

First of all, the crowds of the summer have gone, so you can have the majestic College Backs for yourselves in quiet and peace. Next, you can enjoy the breathtaking winter view of the River Cam and the Colleges. Finally, we do offer some festive events during this time of the year. Click here to find out more about Christmas Carols on the Cam.

Opening Times

Please do check our opening times on the “BOOK NOW” page as we do not offer a daily service from November through to March. We have extra blankets and umbrellas on board should the weather call for them.

Join us for a magical winter experience! Click here to check availability and prices for both Shared and Private Tours.

Combined Tours

Our combined walking and punting tours are also available all winter as are hen party punt tours and birthday tours. For any more information or special requests please do contact us.


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