Autumn in Cambridge

The picturesque city of Cambridge hits its best around autumn. Painting nature with multiple shades of orange and brown, matching the historical architecture. The city gets quieter and everyone seems happier to find time to thoroughly enjoy being in Cambridge.

Striding around Cambridge during Fall

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Autumn brings a calmer vibe, to those who seek to explore Cambridge. It is evident that the days tend to start with chilled walks or cosy brunches.  If you are visiting Cambridge for the first time, these are our recommendations for the nicest brunch spots around town:

  • The Old Bicycle Shop

In this shop, where it is believed Charles Darwin bought his bike back in the 1800s,  you can find a variety of early and late brunches.

  • Stir

A place to enjoy a cosy atmosphere whilst trying some of the best fresh granola yoghurts and acai bowls in town!

  • Fitzbillies

One of the most iconic coffee shops in Cambridge. It is highly recognised by both locals and tourists. Don’t forget to try their Cream Team and their extremely popular Chelsea Buns.


autumn, autumn vibes, punting, lets go punting, things to do in Cambridge

Take some time to soak up the beautiful architecture and stunning lanes of Cambridge whilst strolling along the main tourist streets. Follow your gut, don’t worry about getting lost, because the truth is Cambridge is so small and most roads lead back to the centre so you’ll always find your way. Whilst walking around the centre of Cambridge try and stop off at some of the following Colleges, Attractions and Museums:

  • King’s College

Soak up the fascinating architecture of Cambridge University from this iconic College founded by King Henry VI and take some time to visit their famous Chapel which is the tallest stone fan-vaulted chapel in the world.

  • Corpus Clock

This unique clock has been admired throughout the years, as a regular yet peculiar clock as well as an extremely interesting piece of art full of hidden meanings regarding the perception of time.

  • Fitzwilliam Museum

One of the most popular museums in our city, where you can find it all as their exhibitions change regularly! Definitely a must do on your checklist for a visit to Cambridge.


After exploring the streets, take a break for a warm and delicious meal around the centre. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to food. From the traditional British food to international restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world. As locals, our recommendations tend to be the following:

  • The Town and Gown Pub and Theater

Ideally for those looking for a extra element of fun for the night. Why not follow your meal with a live show at their theatre venue!

Our favourite indian restaurant in town! If you get a chance to visit this place don’t forget to order their yummy Krispy Kale Chaat.

  • Honest Burgers

Fancing some comfort food for the night? The highlight for this place goes to their rosemary fries.


Autumn Punting Tours

autumn, autumn vibes, punting, lets go punting, things to do in Cambridge

The afternoon is the ideal time to enjoy one of Cambridge’s most popular attractions: Punting! It is the only way to explore the unique views along the River Cam, passing the famous Colleges of the University of Cambridge. To make the most of this experience, book your tickets online to secure availability as well as receiving a discounted rate.

To end the day why not watch the sunset on the top of Castle Mound (hopefully there are no clouds) or to look over Cambridge to take in its beautiful scenery. You get a 360 view of this amazing city filled with autumn colours.


Think no further, visit Cambridge this Autumn!

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