Cambridge Punting in the Rain

As the summer season is coming to an end, we are getting an increased number of phone calls asking whether we go punting in the rain. The short answer is yes.


England is renowned for its inclement weather, usually very rainy. Although this past summer we have seen temperatures sore into the late 30’s with some places experiencing temperatures of 40 degrees.


Having experienced the driest July since 1935 and with most of southern England in a declared drought, we speak for most people when we say we are really looking forward to some rainfall.


Not to worry though, the rain won’t affect your punting tour with us at Lets Go Punting.


Why do we still go punting in the rain.


Here at Let’s Go Punting we understand that not everyone finds punting in the rain appealing. However, we are an outdoor business and therefore we have to be prepared for all weathers.


We equip the boats with blankets and umbrellas to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your punting tour with us. Our umbrellas are large enough to cover the whole row so you can all be kept dry.


The only people who will be getting wet during your tour are our punt chauffeurs.

What are my options when it rains on my punting tour?


We have two different options in poor weather. You can find them on our FAQ page.


Either you can opt for the first option, usually when the rain is light. If the rain is not too heavy we will still go, like we mentioned above we have umbrellas and blankets on the boat.


The second option is for heavy rain. If you would like, we can still go ahead. Alternatively, we will offer a voucher to return by prior arrangement within 6 months of the original departure date or offer a 70% refund.

Reviews from our customers


If we haven’t quite convinced you yet that punting in the rain is actually fun! We have attached some reviews from our trusty customers that hopefully will sway you into coming with us even if it is raining.


“Lovely trip, even in the rain!!”


“It was a lovely experience though it was raining when we had it……….. Cambridge is very beautiful especially in autumn! A must try.”


“Even though it was pouring with rain he provided us with umbrellas and kept us entertained with such fun and interesting stories of Cambridge. We all really enjoyed it and appreciated the fantastic views of Cambridge.”


“Our little family of 3 enjoyed our punting trip despite the rain on the day.”


“Absolutely superb what a great way to see Cambridge, it was pouring with rain but this didn’t stop it being a great experience we were given umbrellas and blankets….. highly recommended and we will be back in the summer to do it again.”


“It was tipping with rain, but the umbrellas and blankets we were provided with ensured the weather didn’t spoil the trip……. We highly recommend this way of getting a taste of Cambridge.”


“Torrential rain shower added to the fun.”


“After a couple of weeks of blistering sun we went on the first day of rain for some time, typical !!!! But we didn’t let it ruin the experience.” 


“Despite the rain coming down, we had such a good time and it was a great experience and lovely way to see sights of Cambridge and it’s colleges. The umbrellas and blankets were a very nice touch (and well needed).”


We hope these may have convinced you a little, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard soon!!

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