Family’s day out in Cambridge

If you are planning a family day out in Cambridge to enjoy the summer holidays before schools are back again.  We have got you covered with cool activities that are surely fun for all family members. You can even go punting with your baby. Even though it is a small city, it’s full of wonders and is a perfect family-friendly place to visit.


There have been many activities in Cambridge for the summer of 2022, and we thought why not help you plan the perfect day out for the family?

Our Place in Space for the family

Our Place in Space is a stunning recreation of our solar system’s journey, it is an 8.5-kilometre sculpture trail that starts on midsummer common all the way to Waterbeach. The sculpture trail is a scale model of our solar system. It was designed by an astrophysicist and a children’s author, in addition to a myriad of events that are fun and suitable for all ages. You can also sign up for a free guided solar system tour.   This is definitely an exciting and educational activity for the kids. Make sure to check it out.

The Cambridge Book Bench Trail for a day around Cambridge


If you are strolling around Cambridge, you might have noticed some fun-looking benches.  These benches are scattered all over the city. The Cambridge book benches trail is an art installation of 12 book bench sculptures. The benches were put throughout the city thanks to a collaboration between Cambridge BID and Wild in Art. Each sculpture was created by a different UK artist. So they can be found throughout the city’s historic district, in retail malls, train stations, and in parks and other open areas. You can download the trail’s map from this page and follow it at your leisure.

Family Punting in Cambridge



You can also take your family for a chauffeured punting tour in Cambridge. As the River Cam is glorious in the summery weather with all the scenic views of the college backs and bridges.


You will definitely be mesmerised by how beautiful King’s college’s chapel is and how green St John’s college’s back is.  We offer family tickets for up to 6 people (Maximum 2 adults) for very good rates so that you can enjoy punting on the river with your family. You can bring your own drinks on board and enjoy the views as you’re gliding down the river.


Our family ticket is the perfect bargain for a shared punting tour around Cambridge.

Ice Cream


Ice cream is always the answer for the hot weather.  This summer, the heatwave can be unbearable, so it’s nice to have something refreshing to cool it down. Additionally, You can go to Jack’s Gelato, they use fresh ingredients to make their ice cream. Also, they have many vegan options and sorbets available.


If you are looking for  Sicilian ice cream flavours, we definitely recommend going to Aromi.  There are also ice cream trucks throughout the centre of Cambridge. So You can sit on the public benches and enjoy your ice cream, if the weather is too hot to walk.

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