Ideas of things to do this Easter Holidays

Whatever you decide to do this Easter we hope you have fun enjoying these sunny days as a family and don't forget to keep an eye out for the Easter Bunny!

Looking for ideas of things to do with the kids this Easter Holidays?

Wait no more, we’ve gathered the best easter ideas of things to do. The Easter Holidays are nearly upon us and it can be hard to come up with things to entertain everyone with over this 3 week’s break. So we’ve come up with a few easter ideas that we think will be fun for the entire family.

The Anglesey Abbey Easter Egg Hunt


Everybody loves a good Easter Egg Hunt and what better place to go hunting than through the grounds of Anglesey Abbey?

Spend time hunting along a gorgeous trail through the grounds. After collecting your Easter Egg Hunt Booklet at the start. The booklet includes 10 activities or questions to keep you and your family entertained as you hunt down your prize, an Easter Egg!

This Easter Egg Hunt is available between the 2nd and 18th of April, you need to pre-book your trail pack and then head over there and get hunting.

So if an Easter Egg Hunt is something that you think you and your family will enjoy then head on over to the Anglesey Abbey website and book you Easter Hunting Experience.


Bourn Pottery

Arts and crafts are always a big hit and Bourn Pottery has some wonderful activities suited for all the family. Also, there are classes that will help you create and decorate pottery or parties explicitly organised for children.  So there is something done for everyone.

So if you fancy getting a little bit creative this Easter then book your pottery experience now!



Lockhouse Escape Games


If adventure, fun and intrigue are more you and your family’s style then an escape room may be the place for you. Lockhouse has 3 different types of escape games, The Egyptian Tomb, Armageddon, or Secret Agent. you immerse yourself into the worlds and follow the clues to escape in these rooms.

With each escape room, you will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and can have between 2 to 6 people in the room. More importantly, The easiest escape room is The Egyptian Tomb, rated a 3 in difficulty. However, the hardest is Secret Agent, which has a difficulty rating of 4.5.



Easter Punt and Hunt

Punting is a brilliant way to explore the historical sights of Cambridge and this Easter we have designed a new and exclusive Easter Punt and Hunt. In our new Easter Scavenger Hunt we have combined a guided river tour and a scavenger hunt around the city to earn a sweet prize.

The Scavenger Hunt Booklet contains fun questions, activities and games to entertain throughout your river tour and through the city. You only need to complete the On the River section of the Scavenger Hunt to win your prize, but we would encourage you to complete the Around the City half as well, as chasing round the city spotting things can be the perfect way to spend a sunny day.



Any idea is a great idea this Easter Holiday!

Whatever you decide to do this Easter we hope you have fun enjoying these sunny days as a family and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Easter Bunny!

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