Into the Future with Martin Rees – Cambridge Literary Festival 2019

Last Sunday we had the pleasure to take part on a thought-provoking lecture held by one of the world’s leading scientists, Sir Martin Rees at Cambridge Literary Festival. Sir Rees is Astronomer Royal and has been Master of Trinity College and Director of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University. His books include On the Future, Our Cosmic Habitat (Princeton), Just Six Numbers, and Our Final Hour.  As a member of the UK’s House of Lords and former President of the Royal Society, he is much involved in international science and issues of technological risk.


Have you ever wondered what will happen to the Earth and its population in ten, a hundred, a thousand, or in a million years?

What will happen if we don’t take care of the global warming issue?

Have you ever thought about how much time the Planet has got left?

Would robots and AI technology steal people’s jobs?

Would life be possible on other planets?

How ‘humanlike’ will be?



During his speech, Sir Rees highlighted serious environmental, economical and social problems and focused on one key solution: it is up to us, humans to protect the present and the future.



In his latest book – On the future: Prospects on Humanity -, Sir Reeds argues that our viability as a species depends on the technological and scientific developments and most importantly, on our ways of using these new technological tools. The future is a mystery;  various outcomes – good and bad – are possible.

We can use science to solve our problems; but we must think rationally, globally, collectively, and optimistically about the long term.

One final thought: ‘there is no planet B. We need to cherish this one’.
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