Music on the River with Ukulele Simon

You wouldn’t think there is a musician who plays all music genres perfetly, until you meet Ukulele Simon.

Music on the river with Simon was simply incredible; he is an extremely talented guy with a colourful personality. Ukulele Simon sounds amazing, no matter what he plays. He fell in love with the ukulele in his early 20’s after years of playing guitar. He has even visited the Abbey Road studios and perform with finalists from ‘The Voice’. His unique take on music will have you tapping your foot along (or in you are in a punt, clapping your hands ’till they’re read as lobsters) as he wow’s you with his incredible vocals and ukulele playing ability.


We hope you’ll enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed our evening:


We would like to say a special thank you to The Punt and Pole, who provided the finest drinks to our guests during the evening, and to Sebastian, who surprised us with playing drums on board! We hope to welcome Simon back on our boats again in the future.

Next time it will be Roswell, an American Fold Duo playing on the punts. Check out tickets and prices here.


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