Proposal Punting in Cambridge

In Cambridge, there are many opportunities for the ‘perfect’ punting proposal… Here is a 1-1 guide on how you can achieve this!

In Cambridge, there are many opportunities for the ‘perfect’ punting proposal… Here is a 1-1 guide on how you can achieve this!

Picking the date

If you are superstitious, then you may choose to get engaged on the luckiest dates in the spring/summer time. For example, April is known as bringing ‘may flowers’ which is a beautiful connotation of a proposal. Personally, different dates may be significant to the meaning of your relationship or the context behind the date. Wedding planners and people may refer to days as the ‘lucky ones’, meaning different days of the year can bring more luck, joy and cuteness… as they say!

Why are bank holidays a good day to get engaged? 

Getting engaged, or married around a bank holiday means one thing… more celebrations! Selecting a proposal date around a bank holiday may be easier to organise family gatherings, drinking celebrations or a casual dinner to welcome the new proposal.


What is the best time to get proposed to? 

People may believe that being proposed to at sunset may set the scene of the engagement. Golden hour has been a significant trend across the world for images, bringing sweet silence and an incredible backdrop for a proposal…hint hint! Here at Let’s Go Punting, our last summer tours depart at 20:15 on a weekday and 20:45 at the weekend, these timings could work well with planning this new chapter! During summer, golden hour usually happens around 7 or 8pm, perfect for a proposal. Our private chauffeured tours are also ideal for an evening with friends or family to celebrate!

Where shall I go for food before I propose?


The Ivy Cambridge

At The Ivy in Cambridge, you’re able to make a reservation up to 6 months in advance which will show live and accurate availability. They also have bar areas which are great for either a pre-drink or a post-drink after a meal. If you’re looking to dress up a bit for your proposal, The Ivy requires a dress code of smart casual yet still quite relaxed.


Talk about Six 

Six is a restaurant which offers terrace dining, afternoon tea and a Sunday roast. This place is a highly recommended spot in Cambridge, especially with their large selection of gins and cocktails. The menu has a variety of different dishes ranging from pizza, meats and fish to homemade desserts.


The Senate

The Senate, in the heart of the city offers a relaxed and warm environment for customers to enjoy the passages. Again another prime spot to relax before the big moment. At this location, you’re also more than welcome to enjoy an afternoon drink or lunch!


What can you offer for my proposal? 

At Let’s Go Punting, we are here for the big moments, and catering for your special moment is a part of our well-known history. Our private chauffeured tours last 50 minutes around the ‘College backs’. Our tours depart every quarter past and quarter to the hour, providing a wide range of availability designed to work best for you.


We also offer a range of additional services for our private tours- Afternoon tea picnic which contains a wide range of classical traditional British afternoon tea! We also offer vegetarian options, we will just need to know in advance of any allergies or dietary requirements. We then offer a Brunch box, which includes freshly baked goods alongside granola bowls with fruit and yoghurt (again, any dietary requirements we will need to know in advance). Lastly, we offer a Deli Style Grazing board which you can get made for 2 people. This box contains a variety of cheeses, fruits, and more goodness! With this box, there is also an option to have a vegetarian meal.


Do you advertise any other extras? 

Yes! After your luxurious picnic, we offer some luscious refreshments at an additional cost. We offer either prosecco or champagne, and all refreshments and picnics would be delivered to the river for you.


To romanticise your proposal, why not order some flowers? In addition to your punting tour, we can have locally sourced flowers delivered to the river for you… Your future forever will not know what to expect!


If your proposal booking is in the evening, we are also able to provide you with warm blankets, even more perfect for a sunset proposal.


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