Summer’s not over yet – Let’s Go Punting!

Although we love punting in autumn – the scents, the colours, Cambridge Colleges in the golden sunlight – as per our costumers, punting is the most popular activity during the summer. Hence why we think about those who never had the chance to glide along the River Cam, regardless if they are tourists planning to visit our beautiful historical city or locals who thought punting is nothing but a typical ‘tourist activity’.



Punting is more than just going up and down on the river… and can it be done in many different ways. Let’s think about perfect summer activities; what advice would you give to someone visiting/living in Cambridge during the summer? “Get outside!” , “Go to Jesus Green!” “Visit Castle Mount!”, “Visit the River!” and of course, “Let’s Go Punting!”.


People might choose to punt as a relaxing way to spend an hour on the sun. It is fun for everyone and at the same time, informative. During their 50-minute long tour, our guests – even those who’ve been living here in their whole lives – learn a lot of fun and historical facts about Cambridge.



Punting is the perfect way to celebrate special occasions. Hen Parties are our number one punting-parties during the summer. However, a lot of people also decide to surprise their loved ones with a birthday tour. Punting can be also (the most) entertaining part of team-building activities with work colleagues.



During the summer, we regularly organise live music events on the Cam. ‘Music on the River‘ is the perfect way to spend a lovely summer evening. While Max Bianco performed last Friday, next week, we’ll welcome Ukulele Simon on the punts, the Roswell band on the 30th August and Joe Bailey Wedding Singer on the 6th September (sadly saying goodbye for summer evenings on the River).



But let’s not talk about this. Summer’s not over yet – you’ve still got 2 beautiful weeks to enjoy Cambridge’s best and go punting! Book your tickets here.

P.S. You can even buy booze on the river from The Punt & Pole – one more reason to jump on a boat! 🙂



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