The ‘Pudsey Punt’ is on its way!

It’s only 9 days left ’till our Pudsey ‘Punt-a-thon’

Our special Polka Dot Pudsey Punt will be on its way for twelve 50-minute long tours, on the River Cam, organised for BBC Children in need.

From coast to coast, in towns and cities right across the UK, BBC Children in Need is out there making a difference. The charity supports children and young people facing a range of disadvantages including disability, poverty, abuse and neglect. Children In Need makes a positive difference to young people in the UK. It supports and allows them to reach their potential, as well as keeping them safe, secure and happy.



Our Mission

Hence why, this year, in collaboration with the Traditional Punting Company, we are organising twelve special tours running on the 2nd November to raise funds for this amazing charity. We will donate 100% of our take-ins.

Punting is the ideal way to see the beauty Cambridge College Backs have to offer. It is fun, relaxing, breathtaking and informative. Why not using it for a good cause?

Join us on the 2nd of November between 8am and 8pm, and just enjoy the glide while changing lives across the UK.

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