Clare Bridge

Clare Bridge (of course, belonging to Clare College) is the oldest of Cambridge’s bridges, originally built in 1639–40 by Thomas Grumbold.

This bridge is one of those two which left standing by the Parliamentarian forces during the Civil War.

Different stories try to explain the missing section of the second globe from the left on the south side of Clare Bridge. First of all, there is a story one is that the builder of the bridge received insufficient payment, and in his anger, removed a segment of the globe. The next explanation is that complete bridges were subject to a tax at the time it was built, and since missing a segment, the bridge was incomplete and untaxed.

Clare College

Clare College is one of the most scenic in Cambridge and graduates have the right to get married in the gardens here. This is the oldest college we’ll pass on the river and the second oldest at the university. The oldest is one Peterhouse, which sadly isn’t on the river.

The history of Clare goes right back to 1326. It was founded by Richard De Badew under the name University Hall. First, Clare College was a very poor college and took on Elizabeth De Clare as patron in 1338.

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