Things to do in Cambridge 2024

Whether you are a local or potential visitor, you can plan to get involved in some of the many things that Cambridge has in store in its buzzing itinerary for 2024. There is no shortage of Cambridge cultural wonders to marvel at this year.

What’s on in Cambridge this autumn?

In one fall swoop, it's autumn again. As The change [...]

Family’s day out in Cambridge

If you are planning a family day out in Cambridge [...]

The Dinky Door Hunt continues!

Dinky Doors aim is to ‘save the world’ one smile at a time. They aim to bring joy to everyone in the community by causing them to smile when discovering these little pieces of art.

The Wren Library

The Wren Library is a must see part of Cambridge, and as it’s closed due to Cambridge allow me to give you something to look forward to when it opens again. The Wren Library has stunning architecture, and is full of priceless pieces of the past.

Outdoor Cinema Experience

Fun for all the family can be a hard thing to manange, especially when trying to entertain a variety of ages groups, parents included!

The Cambridge Junction

If you’re searching for some ideas on how to spend your summer evenings then stop. No need to look any further. Whether you’re looking for fun for all of your family, a plan for an evening with friends, or even a date night with your partner the Cambridge Junction has it all.

Women’s colleges of Cambridge University

Cambridge University is home to some 31 colleges, all of which are highly reputable and inspiring.

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