Cambridge Escape Games

Whether you’re here for the weekend or are just visiting [...]

Cambridge Punting in the Rain

As the summer season is coming to an end, we [...]

Locating Let’s Go Punting’s Departure Point

Locating punting in Cambridge can always be confusing. As our [...]

Valentine’s Day in Cambridge

Things To Do This Valentines Day   Valentine's Day is [...]

The Wren Library

The Wren Library is a must see part of Cambridge, and as it’s closed due to Cambridge allow me to give you something to look forward to when it opens again. The Wren Library has stunning architecture, and is full of priceless pieces of the past.

Best Photo Opportunities in Cambridge

Most cities have an iconic shot which makes them instantly recognisable. For Cambridge, Kings College Chapel is the image that makes our city recognisable all around the world. Such a famous, iconic, beautiful sight for our city and what a joy is it to photograph. However, there are plenty of other incredible photo opportunities not to be missed. To help you take the best shots of our lovely city, we’ve highlighted some of our favourite spots to photograph in Cambridge. Most of these places are free to visit, so take as many photos as you want and visit them more than once. We would love to see your photos, please tag us when posting on your social media!

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Autumn in Cambridge

The picturesque city of Cambridge hits its best around autumn. Painting nature with multiple shades of orange and brown, matching the historical architecture. The city gets quieter and everyone seems happier to find time to thoroughly enjoy being in Cambridge.

Women’s colleges of Cambridge University

Cambridge University is home to some 31 colleges, all of which are highly reputable and inspiring.

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Things not to do when Punting in Cambridge

Punting is the most enjoyable and top-rated outdoor activity here in the university town. Here you are able to learn of Cambridge, the University of Cambridge and the history of the city as well as all of its wonders. Our expertly trained chauffeurs assist you in this. Punting is a smooth, relaxing and therapeutic activity... well, not always.

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