Top 5 places to eat toasties when punting in Cambridge:

  Whether in the morning or afternoon who doesn’t love [...]

Group Punting in Cambridge

I think we can all agree it can be hard [...]

Valentine’s Day in Cambridge

Things To Do This Valentines Day   Valentine's Day is [...]

What’s new in Cambridge

What a year it has been... However, not everything has been bad news, and these are the things that we should be cheering for! This could include the positive moments that have happened within our families or celebrations that have occurred, but also to all those things that have happened around us. For example, all the new independent businesses that have managed to still make their way into Cambridge this year.

Autumn in Cambridge

The picturesque city of Cambridge hits its best around autumn. Painting nature with multiple shades of orange and brown, matching the historical architecture. The city gets quieter and everyone seems happier to find time to thoroughly enjoy being in Cambridge.

Cambridge Staycation – Summer 2020

This year more than ever, it is paramount to support your local community. Therefore the idea of a staycation should be your top priority.

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Welcome to town, Thrive !

A brand new plant-based friendly cafe, bistro and venue just landed in Cambridge. Thrive! It's great to see another vegan and eco-friendly establishment settling down in our beautiful city. Additionally, we've decided to dedicate a blog post to this new progressive green hub sharing some insights about their story and food.

March Recommendations – Visit Cambridge, Eat, Drink!

March is definitely the time when the City of Cambridge [...]

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